11 Services You Can Offer Immediately & BANK Today, BitcheZ!

Listen, obviously, you’re not a bitch, but I call all of my people affectionately “bitcheZ”. I know, it’s very mature of me. And if you can’t tell, I’m shitloads of sarcasm as well.

Anyways, on to the business at hand: if you want to be successful in the SEO or IM world, you need to be able to SELLYou need to sell yourself as well as your services and products.

What a shocker!

Most of you will complicate this, I know I certainly had.  Because I’m not into wasting time, we are going to cut right to the chase.

But before I do that, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. There are two things you need to experiment with before you’ll find success:

  • Finding The Right Angel
  • Finding Your Customers

Without further ado:

#1.  Sell Simply Designed WordPress Websites

Obviously, $300 for a website isn’t going to make you rich.  However, and especially if you’re starting out and you are strapped for cash, and you only know the basics, I bet you can easily find folks within your network you can sell low end packages too. Holy fudgecakes, you could sell base packages for $500-$1000 easily to small businesses to build your portfolio.

Of course, you don’t have to blast out to your network that you are setting up super cheap websites.  If you have friends who own small businesses, this is perfect.  Tell them you will hook them up with this “friends discount” especially if they can provide a review for your services.

#2.  Sell Web 2.0 Links With Decent PA

If you don’t know, PA stands for page age.  Find 10-15 web 2.0 properties in particular niches.  You can do this in a couple of ways.

The first method is you register for a good 20-30 of the best web 2.0s available.  To raise the PA on new accounts can take a little bit of time.  In the past, Backlink Beast has worked for me, along with a mix of Social Adr and Fiverr packages.

Of course, if you do a simple Google search, you can find ways to scrape deleted high PA web 2.0s.  It will take you a couple of hours and an investment in the proper tools but the potential is extremely nice.

Register 10-30 niche specific web 2.0s so you can sell a nice link package.

#3.  Sell Links On Newly Registered Web 2.0s

Most people don’t see the value in placing links on newly registered web 2.0s (not aged), but I beg to differ.  These won’t make you a ton of cash but register a good 50 or 100 of these and sell link packages for whatever works for you.  Selling link packages from $3-$5 per link with short, original guest posts?  Trust me, people will buy.  You could sell a $50 link package for 17 links (and that’s at $3 a pop!)

Of course, you don’t have to go this cheap. Experiment! Keep in mind though that since these are newly registered, you can’t charge too much unless you have another attractive selling point 😉

Obviously, make the package a bit attractive 😉

#4.  Sell Links on Private, Local PBN

Got a bit of investment $$?  These days, you can easily set up a sweet little private blog network.  The idea is the same.  Please don’t focus on high PR as much as finding expired domains with a non-spammy backlinking profile and has varied referring domains.  You’ll hear one marketer say one thing and another something else.  But trust me: PR is not as important as it once used to be.

Of course, if you are starting off, auctions could be a bit expensive.  You can either partner up with someone who knows how to scrape expired domains and find some sexy ones or invest in a scraper.  Or hire someone on Fiverr.

#5.  Sell Customized Services For $100-$300 A Pop

Heck, why stop at one??  Design three and offer at $100, $200, and $300!  “Moon, wtf does that mean?!”

Are you good at writing?  Can you sell a collection of articles or an article that has the potential to go viral for a $100?  There are tons of people with PBNs who need fairly priced content on the daily but here, buyers are typically looking for cheap (yet original) articles for the most part.

Writing isn’t your thing?  How about designing smart little SEO packages that you can contact your local SEO agencies with?  Heck, you could sell these packages online.

Been there, done that 😉

#6.  Sell Domains In Bulk

Private blog networks are all the rage these days.  Everyone wants the best expired domains for their PBNs.  PR is not as important as it once was (these probably won’t be updated again: John Mueller about PR updates).  If you have experience in buying domains and know how to acquire ones with great metrics, SELL THAT SHIT, FOOL!

#7.  Sell Guest Posts On High PA Tumblr

A couple of weeks ago, I remember seeing a post selling guest posts on their powerful Tumblr page.  I forget the exact PA, but I believe it was over 30+.  This guy was asking for $75 per post.


Those who are need high quality links will not hesitate to purchase a guest post like this. Between IMers this may be too much to pay but not for the right buyers. Even then. Imagine if you can get 2 or 3 or 10 Tumblr’s like this!  Sell guest posts individually or in packages of 3 or 5 in similar niches.

Great.  I think I know my assignment for tonight…

#8.  Sell Setups For PBN Type Sites

Now, this isn’t the most well paying job and you have to be careful with what you are selling here.  In my case, I worked with a client who had domains set up but needed me to sign up for hosting, switch around the widgets randomly, install a clean theme, publish an article they provided, etc.  It wasn’t the best paying job but it was still a nice chunk-a-change.  Plus, it helped me gather a list of cheap hosts and added another notch on my SEO belt 😉

#9.  Sell A Tiered Linking Structure

Look at any other successful marketer online.  What do they sell?  These days, the push is on PBNs but I firmly believe that they are not the answer alone.  How long will Google let PBN links to rank your sites, alone?

It’s way more natural to combine social signals, viral traffic, and make a tiered linking structure that looks natural.  Similar ones can be designed for local SEO.

#10.  Specialize in a Tool And Sell Your Service With Proven Case Study

There are so many tools available on the market: Scrapebox, GSA Tracker, FCS Networker… and plenty more.  Any monkey can blast thousands of links but how can you set yourself apart?

Be a smart marketer!  Layer these tools to mimic smart link building that seems (and is) natural in Google’s eyes.  Don’t create hundreds and thousands of spammy links!  Create authoritative web 2.0s, create layers that make sense.

Document your case studies and unleash them.

Trust me–people pay attention to case studies.

Parting Words…

OOPS! I lied. It’s a video that’s complimentary with this article. Originally, this article was titled differently 😉

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