2015: What A Transitional Year! [Minus The Cuss Words :/ :D ]

2015…! You’re gone, bitch! I sure as hell don’t know about you but what a turbulent… and transitional year it has been. Everything changed: from my mental focus to my physical appearance.

In this post, I will be taking an honest review of all the positive things I have accomplished or experienced in the past year. To be honest, they wouldn’t have occurred without all the negative or turbulent crap I had to endure… but hey, I’m here and you’re reading this, so let’s move on.

Tough year and more to that sob story… but let’s review the year in the timeline of events (and please, feel free to share how YOU feel in the comments section!) 😀

Here We Go!

  • Building rapport with and teaching coding principals to children who really needed it. This was huge: I had never taught before. These were free classes set up at the library and, later, I ended up teaching classes at a school designed specifically for children who are affected by homelessness. The teacher told me she had never seen this set of students as excited about a class nor help each other out. In fact, this worked so well, an additional set of classes was added. These students have a tough home/family life and it wasn’t always easy. The teacher emphasized how other volunteers had quit but her students were responding well to me due to my laid-back nature. Of course, the best thing ever? One of the classes was scheduled on my birthday (which I think was an amazing start to my birthday)… when I walked in, these students sang a full on happy birthday to me and handed me a bundle of cards which they had made on their own. For me 🙂 Amazing experience. What they might not know is that they taught me that I have good things to offer, that I can affect other human beings in a positive way:

    birthday cards by kids

  • Joining the local flag football league for second year in a row. This picture is from 2014, when these women were all strangers. Now? They are more like friends who I greet and say “hi” to, heh 😀
    football women
  • Meeting an important person I am comfortable calling one of my closest friends, who happens to be deaf. More on that later. But I can easily say, I’ve never had this much straightforward fun with another human being!
  • Learning to let go and be silly with friends
  • Participating in my first Gay Bowl! (And having fun with teammates, realizing we’ve all struggled through similar things… definitely helps!)
  • Being as brave as we could be in a particular, personal situation
  • Celebrating my birthday with my league teammates and friends on the field (I’ve never celebrated my birthday with non-family members).
    bday cake
  • Dropping my weight to 138 lbs, the lightest I’ve been in over a decade (Edit: I gained back 8 lbs due to emotional eating, lack of exercise, and well, the entrepreneurial hustle that has me at the computer 6-9 hours a day. Not worried though–getting back to it, Kids!)
  • Celebrating Pride!
    pride 2015
  • Not being afraid of going out alone. This one is hard. There seems to be a stigma attached to doing things alone. It can be a struggle sometimes but I don’t not do things any longer due to the fear of going out alone. Yay.
  • Meeting people I click with, allowing me to feel more comfortable in my skin
  • Mind blown by meeting and getting to know friends who are deaf or hard of hearing and peeking into a vibrant, dynamic community of people/friends
    great friends
  • When friends and sis showed up to Gay Bowl to support me 🙂
  • Wearing a vest for first time ever… tee-hee!
  • Realizing my weaknesses might be my strengths. No, hold it. They ARE my strengths. (Going into the new year with less maybes and more “Yes, I can”s).
  • Grateful for my inner circle/people who I see every day… including Sspeedy!
  • For the first time in my life, owning my name and wearing it on a jersey. Check it: #33!
  • Getting a haircut with my hair sort of… kind of short, heh! Friends have been sweet with compliments! Trying to be not afraid of being more me 🙂
    a line

These pictures give a good idea of the cool things I experienced in 2015. For most, they are nothing. For me, they’re a lot and life changing. Of course, I’m intentionally mapping out the things I need to accomplish in 2016… there is a separate post for that. But, here are my…

Major Goals For 2016

  • Have my Amazon affiliate site ranking for top 3 keyphrases within 3 months
    • This site has monetary goals such as generating $1000 in Amazon affiliate sales per month
    • Sell the site for 1-2x yearly profit
    • I know this can be done because several keyphrases are teasing me on page 2; it’s a matter of PBN links combined with some really good social signals… so freakin’ excited, ha!
  • Start cleaning up the second site (details later) and rank it for long tails first
  • Hit my personal, stable financial goal by June the latest
  • Generate $2-3k per month from providing SEO services, consistently
  • Lose weight to reach 130-135 lbs and gain a bit of muscle
  • Become a better, faster, more impressive athlete… (rusher, receiver, and practice basketball again)
  • Learn American Sign Language (ASL) so I can communicate with my friends on a more fluid level 😀
  • Do things that scare me (4 right off the top of my head)
  • Go snowboarding (Edit: Already done! Had sooo much fun with friends, it was ridiculous!)

But now… in conclusion, I’d say, this is a lot about me. What about you? Did you hit any of your goals in 2015? Are you hitting the ground running in 2016? I mean, we ARE here 🙂

Before You Leave…

Try to remember your why. Why am I doing all of this? Sure, I have selfish reasons (healthy ones, hey now!) I want to travel and do work I enjoy from anywhere in the world. I want to have a successful, stable business this year. I want to spend without worrying too much and… well, I want a few people to be proud of me. I want them to know that anything is possible, that if I did it, surely, they can too… and that I am waiting. Lastly, it is to build something of my own, completely my own, with my name on it. So, yeah:

dont stop

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