Live Case Study: Taking a Website From $0 To $50 In 30 Days?!!

Alright Dudettes & Dudes,

So, $0-$50 won’t make anyone rich but let’s peak underneath the hood. Bend… bend… bend s’more?


Look, earning even a buck through any website within 30 days will mean that it is ranking for SOMETHING or receiving traffic somehow. Once I get some longtail rankings going, I’ll start earning a little bit of that sweet Amazon commission. So calm down… that’s where my title is coming from, Tiger!

And, before you start with anything, read the whole post so you know what advantages I may have… perhaps you have the same ones?!

Let’s face it: a lot of you who are visiting my blog here are definitely aiming for financial or lifestyle freedom. Those two terms will have different meanings for all of us: some of you may want an online property that generates you $3000 per month and you’ll be happy with that. Or maybe it’s $100 per month to get started.

Doesn’t matter.

This space is one to show you that all of us are learning especially people who call themselves SEOs and marketers. Google is constantly shaking things up and like any other profession out there, the best SEOs are the ones who are learning and testing constantly.

And here’s a confession: SEOs are no different. Meaning, we are no Google Gods. With enough practice though, you learn to bend ove… umm, to roll with the punches when Google’s throwing her mean jabs.


Shit To Consider

You can always start with a new domain but Google isn’t eager to rank new websites highly right off the bat. Frankly, last year, any new sites I had worked on barely started to show up in the top 100 after a good 3-4 months… and that was a consistent theme. Other marketers I’ve spoken to have had similar time frames before seeing any rankings and a few have mentioned upwards of six months.

And, yes, DUUUUUUUUUUHHH, every website is different, every ranking strategy is different, all the factors are different!

This particular website is at least a year old so I consider that a huge positive. One of those things where I got excited about a project, bought the domain, got super busy with client work and “life”, and plain, let it sit there for a while.

Guess what though? I can use it to my advantage. The website is definitely over a year old with at least 11 posts. By no means is it an “authority” site. I added 3-4 posts last week after I noticed the website’s rankings for its primary and secondary (a good five of ’em) keyphrases tanked… *cue heart sinking*

…but alas, just five.  I also noticed them fluctuating to their old rankings and then dropping off the top 100. It’s been doing this up and down swing for around 3 weeks now. Perhaps it’s the mobilegeddon update that’s rolling out and affecting the rankings in a weird way.

Doesn’t matter.

I know there are plenty of folks out there who probably have a domain and a website they setup a few weeks or months ago and then let procrastination take over.  Don’t be embarrassed.  Slap your sexy ass and let’s revive that bitch, yo!

You have that? Awesome. Let’s get to work together.

Also, you have to keep the competition in check. I’ll never know your analysis for the keyphrases you’re targeting.

So far, I have discussed four factors:

  • Age of website
  • Competition of keyphrases
  • Content
  • Fluctuating Rankings for handful of keyphrases

Now, let’s take a look at a pretty picture or two:

case study rankings shot

The goal is to get these keyphrases in the top ten by whatever means I am comfortable with.

& with that…


Things I’m MOSDEF Not Comfortable With…

There’s all kinds of hat one can wear but these days, I range from white to grey (and am “focusing” on viral content). I want to build a long term online business and while white and grey hats neither are a guarantee, I like to flip the favours in my odds.  Whatever strategies you use, that’s something you have to be comfortable with. 

In fact, if you document everything and see positive results, I may feature one of my readers in an upcoming case study.

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How To Increase My Rankings

Here’s my plan to make the website more well rounded and to achieve higher rankings:

  • Add ten more stories (half short and viral types, half reviews)
  • Create valuable web 2.0 properties and place links back to this Amazon niche site (I’ll create 10-20 every 10-12 days)
  • Fire social bookmarks at the site directly as well as the web 2.0s
  • Keep the anchor text variation super diverse
  • Add social buttons to the site

That’s how I’ll be starting this month.  Today marks 6/29/2015 but by the time it publishes, it’ll be another week.

And you’ll all be another week older and sexier.

Hold On a Minute! What Will All This Cost?

So, be brutally honest here.  Perhaps you have a part-time or full-time job.  Maybe you have the income to hire a writer or you’re a damn fine writer yourself.  Make your list now!

As for myself, I’ll be doing most of these things myself.  Not that I want to–but for now, I have to.  I’ll explain the
“have to” another time.

  • The viral type posts?  Probably 4-5 hours for a good 4-6 posts.
  • Review type posts? 8-10 hours for a good 4-5 review posts.  (These tend to be much longer than the viral type posts).
  • Web 2.0 property creation process?  Find someone on Fiverr (assuming $5 for 10 properties… $30 for 60 properties?)
  • Place short content on the properties and a link? To be determined!
  • Fire social bookmarks at properties? $10-$20

My cost for this month: 15 hours and $50.

Because I know myself well, I know I won’t take on all web properties at once.  I like to pipeline that shit.

For instance, create 10 one week, next 10 another week, and so on.  Then place 10 links one week, 10 next week, and so on.

Like, row, row, row, your ass outta here.

Let’s see what happens in the next week.  I’ll be updating everything soon!

But, seriously, grab that cuppa coffee like Ryan says, and tell me about your concerns in the comments 😛

seo meme