Ninja Report: How To Start Your Own SEO Business & Make Hundreds (If Not Thousands!) Of Dollars The First Month

[Disclaimer Time!

Before you start reading this report, a quick disclaimer: I have to say this. Just because this has worked for me doesn’t mean it will earn you as much as I have. I can only share with you my personal experience and that’s what I am choosing to do here. In fact, I didn’t not break a grand the first month but I did make around $800. Read the details. All will be unveiled in time).

Alrighty then?

Okay, also, my main goal with this report was not the bells and whistles… such as design and bullshit. It was to get it out. Kapeesh? Kapeesh!

Lastly, this is a very candid report. Super personal. Proof is more towards the end, you’ll see].

Ummm, fair warning: this report is over 4000 words long sooo, why don’t you go grab a mugga-hot-coffee first, yeah? In fact, bring me back one as well…. and then pick this up and digest it in chunks πŸ˜€ (Okay, let’s stop playing, plunge away).

Now that you are done with that… let me be clear: I created this report, from the bottom of my soft heart, because guess what? It’s my birthday. And I believe in karma. Since I have “figured out” the basics of how to earn money from offering SEO services, I thought I would pay it forward by sharing this information with whoever the hell is interested. All I ask for hours put into this work and sharing it with you, for free, is that you “like” or “share” it. But of course, read every word first and see if it is worthy of a share or a like! By all means. But finally, let me shove you towards the report:

Lookie here you! It’s no secret that people all around the world, including fellow Americans (myself not being an exception!) have financially struggled in the last few years. I remember when I graduated in 2007 with stars in my eyes, a BS degree in Computer Science, with so much potential laying ahead of me. I’m sure you know the feeling…

Then, starting my new job as a programmer for the local school district… and then fucking 2008 and watching the asshole news all over indicating an economy so much in trouble, that it jolted our generation. Let’s take this part seriously.

What doesn’t get thrown at Millennials? We get told we are the entitled, lazy generation. No sir, I would say we are the smarter generation, who want to leverage everything at our disposal for a better life. But, let me not go off on a tangent here… let’s reel it back in.

Hi! My name is Moon (after reading this, go poke around on my site) and the last few years, without holding back, have been shitty. You see, no body prepared me for the real world: not my parents, not school, not classes, nor my professors (but hell, God bless them all. They did their best).

All I knew was that I would get a job with my degree that would pay me well and I would run into exciting opportunities and climb this God damn ladder into a world where Unicorns shit money on my face and I keep depositing thousands of dollars into my account, left and right. Just live that disgustingly good, rich, debaucherous life…

Someone, cue Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin'”…

Yeah, okay, so let’s fast forward a bit. Got a decent job. I hold nothing against folks who have to support families and perhaps can’t take risks like I did. I get it. No one likes the idea of depending on others or becoming homeless. Life isn’t fair for most of us.

This job that I found, that seemed magical Unicorn rainbow farts at first, turned out to be nothing but human-like sharts to my face. I realized that I would spend my days watching the clock tick slower than the Friday that was supposed to come a lot faster. I also realized there was no damn ladder to climb. I could go into so many details here but let’s just say: bureaucracy can go suck a horse off.

(If you can’t tell, I have a language problem but please stick with me here… I look polite but once the filter is removed, it’s onnnnnn, MoFos~!)

Anyway, in those days, I discovered all about making money online and “SEO” and “ranking websites”. Since 2008, this has become an obsession, peaking right about… *tick tock* NOW! I’m like that old geyser who has stuck her card in two different slot machines, waiting for her pay-off while sucking on an old, used cigarette butt. (Or is that your grandma? HA!)

I launched websites and I failed and then I succeeded. Then it all really, really sucked when Google threw updates around 2012. Fast forward to then. I had moved to California by that time and decided to start offering freelancing SEO services.

After my sites tanked, I was down for a bit. I was busy offering freelancing services to pay my bills. I was still pissed… but it bothered me. I liked… no, I loved having my own sites ranking and affiliate checks coming in. I had a taste of greatness.

SO, the next thing I wanted to do was stabilize my freelancing services. The next couple of years were burnt up in frustration and personal struggles… paying my bills but not really putting myself out there. Just getting by is never fun. Living paycheck to paycheck isn’t a good feeling. Waiting for disasters to strike means living every minute full of anxiety and fear. Sound familiar? I am convinced that this is most of us.

Back to offering services. After all, when you offer a product or service, newsflash: you’re running a business. If you don’t treat it as such, it’s a damn hobby, SON! You need to be PROUD of what you do! (A valuable lesson that took me years to grow into!!!) You can’t dedicate two hours to it on Monday, one on Tuesday, then get back to your client on Sunday. You need to be consistent to build a strong reputation!

And now, let’s fast forward to 7 months ago. I hit another wall. I was doing part-time freelancing and also working part-time for an organization teaching children coding principals. While that job opened my eyes to what I had to offer has a human, I was having a hard time juggling my… work schedule. I felt like a chicken with its head cut off.

I wanted the same thing you do: a lifestyle that allows me to enjoy life while earning the money I want, doing work I love! Because, for me, it’s not about the $$ itself, but rather the choices it can afford me. We all want to help ourselves, our families and friends, travel… whatever it is! Money allows us to do that, right? So, let’s not fuck around: money is a motivation for me. It is for you too. And it’s okay to admit that!

I am sick of people telling us that being greedy isn’t a good thing. What if we are not greedy enough? By greedy, I don’t mean take food or money from the mouth of the hungry and the needy.

By greedy, I mean aim so fucking high, that you are greedy with your goals, with your intent in helping yourself and others.

But forget all of that, that damn wall… The funding didn’t come through for the organization which meant we were screwed and no more part-time income.

So, late last year, I started experimenting with my own site with a seriously ridiculous focus. I had started an Amazon affiliate site over a year ago from then. This time, I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t rely on anyone else but myself for income.

How exactly would I earn my own income?

Two parts: Start my own SEO service based business and rank my own sites that earn an affiliate income (and sell them, if that makes sense).

This time, I would figure out how to run my own business, how to acquire my own clients, no matter what. The last time I ran into such a resolve was when I needed to lose weight. Not only did I lose the weight but now I have a goal to become a very good athlete within the community. I have no qualms that I am about to do the same with my own business, this very site, what you are about to get here.

Stick around and I will explain to you how I literally went from $0 to $800 to breaking a grand… within 2-3 months of offering these services. I literally did it with no start-up money… at all. But please, if you don’t read this whole report with an open mind, you are doing yourself a disservice. You can literally take what I did and apply it right away. Now, don’t get me wrong: plenty of things have gone wrong but there is only ONE major difference in my attitude: I have embraced the resolve that I will be successful… no matter what. That’s it! If problems come up, I will figure out solutions. That’s all that separates successful people from unsuccessful ones.

I don’t care if I’m on my knees with my last dollar, scraped and bruised, I will get up one more fucking time, look myself in the mirror, figure out how to best it to generate a few hundred more and then, a few thousand more. Because you know what? It’s not about the budget, it’s how well you can sell! This is about who you are. Fuck the dollar. It’s what you can sell, fool!

I also know that if millennials in the US have encountered a few hard years (much harder than me), then worldwide, I know how hard times must have gotten for you (please share this in the comments below, I love connecting with people). Some of you may live in third world countries. Some of you probably would love to live in the US on the poverty line. I have lived overseas and I know what life and death looks like… so here, I want to share a few valuable lessons with you while sharing how to start a freelancing SEO business with consistent growth!

Before I proceed, if you are looking for a quick get-rich scheme, you’re not going to find it here. Truth is, I’ve been bustin’ my ass for 8-10 hours a day, for majority of the week with short exceptions. Even then, I have to roll with the punches. But I see the road ahead, paved & shit, and I have a clear vision of what I am trying to accomplish, so stick with me, right here, and mimic my process and do it intelligently.

Here we go πŸ™‚

What Do You Have To Offer?

Let’s define business in the most cut & dry way possible: you have to sell something that people want or need. You sell something and get money in return for the product or service you provided to another person. Simple shit, right?

But it turns out to be much trickier than that especially when you are in the SEO domain. No offense to anyone, but it’s hard if you are in the US selling SEO services and keep getting passed up because other SEOs can sell similar services for much cheaper. It’s a blessing and a curse, lulz…

So, what can YOU do?

Let’s think about it this way. There are all kinds of people in the world. All these people have various comfort levels and various budgets, right? You will have folks who love shopping at the farmer’s market and cooking their own meals, folks who love eating at branded restaurants such as The Cheesecake Factory or Applebee’s, and you also have people who may love eating at top notch restaurants only.

What you need to know is that there are different types of consumers. You may have an easier time with one type of consumer than another (be patient, the point will be made).

Now, each type of consumer here… has a budget. Folks who don’t earn a lot usually end up eating out at pizza chains or lower end family chain restaurants (again, no offense intended, I love all types of restaurants and foods!) Those with incredible earnings probably stick to hiring personal chefs and visiting high end restaurants and don’t bat an eye at their bills.

Apply a similar logic to the world of SEO. You can sell your services to other SEOs or to local businesses or even businesses nationwide. At first, this can seem extremely overwhelming. (Editor’s Note: Keep in mind this can apply to any business whether it’s website design or online marketing or anything else!)

I’m well versed with all kinds of SEO, including local and have done it for local businesses. However, I moved away from that and am finding where I am right now to be my strength. As of now, I am offering my services to other SEOs who are either trying to rank their own websites or their client’s sites.

Now, here is the thing. Here is what is working for me and how I got to a point where I can pay my bills and am in the space of growing and ranking my own website once again, hehehe (an investment property that I plan on selling once it starts generating that moolah. If you’re interested in that journey, make sure to subscribe, because the day I hit the Bing Bang, you’re damn right I’m going to be screaming from the top of my lungs about it, ha!)

So, the ultimate question: how did I get to this point? The point of paying all my bills by myself with no one else’s help?

By putting myself on the line.

Put Yourself Out There!

I started Moon Hussain Ninja over a year ago. At the time, I only knew that I wouldn’t quit. I knew what I wanted to be known for. I knew what my strengths were… still are.

Hands down the first thing visitors/readers write me about? It’s my writing, duh. They tell me I’m a breath of fresh air. What does that mean?

With a name like Moon and my writing style, I am fucking memorable, bitches!

[Editor’s Note: Okay, so that sounds cocky, eh? I’m just being playful, I promise πŸ™‚ ]

Even on my personal FB page, I decided to share my personal struggles years ago, and now, people love to connect with me. I never understood it (and I’m starting to now, sort of) when people tell me that I am good with my words.

I decided I would share my own journey with as much honesty and integrity I could deliver. I also knew I wanted to learn from other internet marketers (which is presented to you in interview format all around this website including an interview with Diggy Dirk & Karan Labra). That’s how I have made connections with internet marketers over the years (I’ve also been long time readers of their blogs and experiments! That’s the reason they probably didn’t mind being interviewed and have their stories presented on Moon Hussain Ninja). This sort of stuff always comes back full circle.

However, Moon Hussain Ninja is one piece of the puzzle. I still didn’t know what I was doing. By chance, 8-9 months ago, I started experimenting with white hat/grey hat link building methods. These web 2.0 properties were cheap to acquire. I learned that I could enhance rankings using web 2.0s accounts with some good page authority behind them. However, the value for my clients is not in only the properties (these contain some decent juice!) The value is in the manual work I do. For instance, I log into each web 2.0 property from behind a proxy, carefully, and type up the posts… no spun junk, all manual.

See how it’s white and grey hat mixed up?

Don’t get me wrong: black hat has its place but know what you are getting into.

Since I received excellent results from web 2.0 links, I started offering packages around web 2.0s. Surprisingly, the first month, I made a little over $800. For someone with not enough of a following, this was a miracle.

I also got shit from a couple of people telling me I was charging “too much” for web 2.0 accounts. Uhhh, fuck y’all haha. Joke. My point is, there are people who will see the value in what you are offering and some that won’t. You have to learn to keep moving and not be afraid of the people who have nothing better to do. Had I listened to those punks, I wouldn’t be paying my bills right now and moving on upwards.

Yes, there it is. Web 2.0s require nothing but time and patience. Figure something out. Offer it. Charge for it reasonably. Get a few reviews and testimonials. Hook your clients up! And keep building from there…

At this point in the game, do NOT get hung up on how much your bottom line is. You will need to test price points. Say you offer 5 links for $20. Maybe you wanted to charge more. Maybe it’s not worth your time to type up 5 300-word articles to post on PA 35+ accounts. Who cares? Take the first few gigs, put some grind and sweat in, get a review or two, and increase your price point next time. Let’s say it took you two hours to come up with those 5 short posts. Maybe 1 hour to post. (I realize this is ridiculously slow but let’s entertain this idea). 20/3 = $6.67. Poo-poo. That’s not a lot at all. That’s poo cheap.

So now you can do three things: charge higher for quality and on properties with solid PA AND become faster at these tasks… or higher someone to do the writing. Let’s say you’ve learned to do this in 2 hours now and you are charging 5 links for $25. $12.50 per hour earned.

This won’t make your rich, sure. But you will see: you will find price points and advantages that will enable you to earn more. But that’s a problem for another time. You just need to get started with an offer!

But Moon! Who The Fuck Did You Sell To?

Luckily, these days, there are plenty of free resources you can use. Let’s discuss a few right here:

  • Fiverr: You’re not going to earn shitloads of money here but it’s an option. Typically services are sold for Five bucks and a $1 of it goes to Fiverr itself. $4 isn’t much at all but it’s a place to get started with the right offer and accumulate some reviews! Plus, you can offer upgraded packages which I’ve been experimenting with πŸ˜‰ You can also list services for way over $5 right off the bat, but obviously, make sure you are playing with various price points.
  • SEO Clerks: Another platform that can be a bit too hype-y for my taste but I’ve experimented with various price points here, starting with $10 all the way to $99. I have found a few clients by luck and chance here!
  • Market.SourceWave: Created by Alex Becker, this is another online spot where you can sell your SEO services. I just got started with this so I can’t give a personal testimonial but I have bought a couple services from here. Bring your A-Game and don’t be shy!
  • Warrior Forum & Black Hat World: The first one seems too full of hype for me so I have stayed away from that option. I’m considering BHW at the moment. Be forewarned: there is a fee or “donation” to become a seller on both; I want to guess around $97. I can tell you, there are sellers absolutely killing it on both platforms and I can tell you, BHW is next for me once I tweak my services a bit and hit that smooth, magical formula.
  • Facebook Groups: This shit is marvelous and has been my main bread and butter. Go join some SEO discussion and service groups. Contribute to the group with your SEO knowledge, lay some smack down, and start selling your services here. This, right here, is responsible for 90% of my income. Why? Because you are in control of what you present, you can private message potential clients. The first month I started off with Tumblr services and banked around $800. This was the most natural and easiest way I have made money.

Okay, We Are Just Scratching The Surface Here!

Chances are, most of you are just getting started in SEO or what not. Here’s the thing: I am not going to lie to you. I have been spending 8-10 hours, 5-6x a week (or more). For instance, I was training a writer and he decided to bail out on me. Now I have about 10 orders behind which really fucks me up. I hate not delivering these orders on time because I want my clients to have an all-around great experience with my products and services. I want them to come to me week after week, month after month, and spend their SEO budget with me instead of someone else. That’s not me being cocky: that’s me knowing the value I can deliver for their hard earned money.

But, for this fault that was out of my hands, I will end up offering them a 5% discount on any future services, even specials and promotions (hey, birthday month, woot woot!), yes, even if it’s a temporary loss.

I’m sorry but there is competition all around. How do you get attention? Bark! Scream! Create tons of content. I am in the middle of testing Facebook Ads on a super small budget. I am experimenting with page likes, opt-in ads, boosting posts; I am promoting them to various audiences (well, relating to SEO) and in different countries.

I haven’t had anything go viral, per se, (well, it would be nice to see this report go viral πŸ˜‰ ), but I have gained so many FB page likes, post likes, and more. A lot of people will say, “what does that do for you, Moon? Not a fucking thing!”

“Bro”, I’d say, “shut your stupid shit little mouth. Of course it helps.” Here’s how: social fucking proof. That shit ain’t no joke. Not only that, but more exposure. If I produce good content and lots of it, chances are, it’s about to get shared and liked, even if I have to give it push using FB or Youtube ads.

Look, this isn’t magic. How did you find me? How did you find this report? I can’t sit here and lie to you and say, “oh hey, I’m rolling in dough MoFos” but the truth is, after years of trying, I am finally getting something right. I never wanted to be the “make money online by selling info on how to make money online”.

Truth is, it feels good to “get it right”, do work that you enjoy, and connect with good people who want the same thing as you do. Simple as that for me. That’s the main reason I decided to create and share this report… if it helps even one person, that will put a smile on my face. (Let’s be for fucking real: I’m an online marketer, haha, my secondary reason is obviously to get my name out there. If I didn’t tell you that, you’d have a damn fine reason not to trust me. Take things at face value!)

Show UP! I Promise…

It will pay off. Trust me, when you stay in the scene you want to become an authority in, when you chime in just to chime in, consistently, over and over, opportunities will pop up. I promise. It has happened numerous times with me. A lot haven’t worked out but one in particular has and I’m thankful for that.

SO many people say it and finally I believe it: Show the fuck up for your own sake!

This is free shit. I have NOTHING to gain from this, except hopefully some readership. Yes, I sell SEO services but I figured out how to do it. If you want to buy from me, cool; if you don’t, that’s fine too. I am of the belief that most people are good people and if I can share knowledge with you that helps you, then good. Here it is. People love my style, my straight-forwardsness, and those who like what I have to order, keep ordering. If all you want is free info, well here it is.

If you wanted me to say you’re about to earn your first grand online without any issues or even $200 without trials and tribulations, yeah, it ain’t gonna happen Kid. Truth is, we all gotta pay the price for success. We gotta learn to test various services, work on the kinks behind the scenes, test different price points, hire people. Test ads. Create content. It can feel crazy sometimes. But yeah, you do have to build your reputation.

You have to stop being a damn pussy!

Make sure you have something of killer value and something people want to buy from you!

Sometimes, it feels like you are working for minimum wage, and maybe you are, but trust me, you can only go up from here.

Here’s how I have built my growing business:

[Please keep in mind that I am showing limited proof because I’m a paranoid fucker. And also, what is to stop someone from Photoshopping these images anyway? The idea is to let you see there is $$ here! And plenty of it!]



All of that came after some reviews:




[Again, I could keep going on forever…]



Right now, I’m in the midst of creating 34 videos for my 34th birthday, which is in June πŸ™‚ If you found this report helpful, here is what will be released IN JUNE:

* Videos about struggles I’ve encountered with my online business and how you can avoid them
* Super easy and cheap method to start making money online
* Ranking your website from nowhere to page 1 of Google
* Thinking on giving behind-the-scenes videos on how I’m building my business
* This summer, another report to see how far along with SEO business has come (want to triple my income!!!)

What you should know is that you are watching me build all of this from the ground floor… up. Most people only show the successful picture, making you think their journey was all flowers and no thorns nor blood. That’s just bullshit.

Let’s Review Quickly… I Know You’re Tired, Lil Boo

  • Everyone around you is struggling; Only you can help yourself!
  • Put yourself on the line!
  • Don’t be afraid; put an offer out!
  • When dealing with prospective clients, don’t be afraid to follow-up!
  • Be confident in what you have to offer!
  • If you’re not confident, why should someone else buy your product or service?!
  • Don’t be afraid of asking for money, Silly B****! Bitch better have yo Money, like Rihanna says!
  • Accumulate testimonials and reviews!
  • View problems as fun puzzles; they are a blessing of running a business πŸ™‚
  • Stop thinking ahead; start now!
  • The only reason you’re not “successful” is because you didn’t do what the successful girl or guy did!
  • Kill that shit!
  • Make your clients love you, DUH! They are helping you pay your bills, be grateful you Punk!

In Conclusion…

I have learned the hard way: no one gives a SHIT about your struggles. Meaning people have their own struggles to deal with, so most of them can NOT help you. Even if they wanted to, they have no means with which to help you…!

Right? Think about it. Perhaps you want to help your family or friends. But you don’t have it right now. So, the first thing you want to do is commit to your own success.

Without that, you’re not gonna be shit, Bruh.

It is UP TO YOU to wake up every morning, listen to something motivational (a very important habit as of late, and a mandatory one at this point!!!), create content, answer ?s wherever you’re marketing and advertising, fulfill orders (or hire and manage people).

No one else is gonna do it for you, Folks!

And guess what? I am tired of struggling too. So here I am, with my blog, with new content, with a service based business I’m building with my sweat and (literally) tears (brick by brick), creating videos (which makes me uncomfortable but I know it helps when people can see the person behind the computer); I’m willing to do whatever the hell it takes.

I’m going to take whatever I think it takes and 10X it, Grant Cordone style, baby.

Question is, will you?


Bootstrappin’ The Hell Out Of Hell (When You Don’t Have A Near Nothin’ Budget!!@#$)!!!@#$!

Let’s lay it alllllllllllll out on the table: the last year and a half have been quite the struggle for me. But really, with those struggles, for the most part, I am proud of the person that I am becoming and how far along I have come.

My 34th birthday is coming around the corner and last year, I set a goal of creating a revenue generating Amazon affiliate site that I would rank for a handful of keyphrases, with the end goal being to sell it.

So, how is that goal coming along? Where I am with all of this?

Let’s Get Person-al, Person-al

Get it? Like Olivia Newton-John’s “Let’s Get Physical, Physical”… well, lemme get person-al, person-al… okay, now I’m snorting:

lets get

But in all seriousness, personally, 2015 has been one of the most challenging years of my life and 2016 is proving to be equally the same. I could delve into the really personal stuff but I am not afforded that frank luxury at this point in my life, so I’ll keep those things to myself.

Just KNOW, that I understand what struggling means on every level. So when you throw at me: “how do I rank without a budget?”, really, what it comes down to, if you dig deeper, is “how do I give myself this leverage, create this edge, give myself the best shot I can towards success?”

Before you roll your eyes, you need to let that sink in.

And believe me, I understand!

Last year was so tough that there were days I could not get myself to be productive. The outside world wouldn’t know this, of course; when I left the house, I’d make sure to paste a smile and give the best I had. When I returned home, all the anger and sadness would take several forms, and mostly, the form of not wanting to get up and begin the day. And it wasn’t about the “not wanting”; I just… couldn’t. As much as I loathe having to describe it this way, perhaps I was depressed and it still rears its ugly little head here and there. But I think people who know me at a personal level also realize that… maybe it’s normal with all the things going on around me.

But eventually, you have to come to this essential point in your life where you realize that you, as an entity, are responsible for yourself. How cliche to say: You are indeed responsible for your own success and for your own failures. Perhaps not when you were a child, not when you were a teenager (this can all be debated), but at some point, you must come into your own.

At some point, you learn to cry, feel sad, down, eat a few Ben & Jerry’s, then hit the gym hard, go hiking for hours… but you learn to get the hell up and keep moving.

… and if you’re the kind of tenacious fucker who can get up, look at yourself in the mirror despite being knee deep in debt, going through a divorce, hell with your family, then you are the kind of person that will never give up. And that’s the best kind of human there can be!

Because, now, guess what? You can apply all of these hard lessons to your online business πŸ™‚

Here’s what I accomplished in the last 4.5 months:

  • Decent income from the services I provide
  • Partnership with another SEO for PBNs
  • Connections with other well established SEOs who I can turn to for advice

Hell yes, Broskiz!

kitty high five

That doesn’t seem like a lot but it happened after a whole year of struggling. Sure, I wanted to build a serious PBN for my own Amazon affiliate niche site and while a few hundred dollars doesn’t seem like much, right now, for me with the bills and all, it IS quite a lot.

So, what happened? Another SEO who I had connected with on FB offered me a PBN partnership/affiliation of sorts. That generated a bit of income. Not a whole lot, but this allowed me to start offering services and playing with copywriting and ads.

Next, I started playing with not just web 2.0s, but expired ones that could be available for registration with some PA (page authority) behind them, meaning with some juice behind them. Sure, one could consider these low end PBN type of things but the more I played with them, the more results I received.

After I started seeing results, I started offering Tumblr packages with PA behind them. I sold Tumblr links and now am selling Over-Blog and Weebly links as well. I just got done offering some Blogspot links too!

I made mistakes along the way. I offered some packages for too cheap and became overloaded. I also hit some sweet points where I didn’t sell a lot of packages but made as much as the previous month where I did become overloaded, in fact. But through it all, guess what? All of my clients have been happy with the services and understood that since I do the work myself, manually, there can often be a delay.

They have been pretty cool with that.

Through it all though, I have sweated bullets as other sources of income dried up. However, my services have taken off through lots of trial and error and while I’m not comfortable revealing numbers, they help me pay my bills.

But Moon, What About Your Amazon Niche Site Rankings?

Remember the partnership/affiliation for PBN links? I struck a deal to place my own links on those. I also placed my links on web 2.0s with decent page authority such as Blogspot, Tumblr, Weebly, and Over-Blog.

The results? A handful of keyphrases are now teasing me on the very bottom of page 1 dancing over to page 2 and back and forth!

God, I’m so hungry for the top positions now!




If you want more in-depth case studies, go read this πŸ˜€ Do Expired Web 2.0s Really Work?

Because I have learned to NOT give up & had to be resourceful, I started experimenting with expired web 2.0s. I figured out how to pay my bills using my SEO related skills without compromising my values. I’ve also used those skills for my own site and now, I feel like I have a damn good chance.

Pretty cool, y’all. I can feel myself edging there, but so much resistance sometimes!

Now, I know I don’t have the budget to build out 5-10 PBN sites within 1-2 months. So, what’s the next best thing? Rent or buy additional permanent links.

Sure, there are risks to this, so I have to look at all the services out there in detail. BUT then again, there is a possibility as well, that you could play by the rules and STILL have the search engines screw you over.

This month is essential for me as my birthday is coming up and so, if I cannot directly hit my goal, here is what I need to accomplish:

  • Hit my goal of monthly income from providing SEO services
  • Work on my business, not die from working IN IT (& retain quality!)
  • Purchase effective PBN links
  • Unleash another blast of high PA Tumblrs, Weeblys, Over-Blogs, and Blogspot links

When you are managing client work and your own, and doing most of it with white/grey hat methods, it can take up some time. In the background, I have started playing with Facebook Ads. I am learning about brand exposure, the audience I can appeal to at a low cost per click, and just having fun growing my email list. Today, I started my second Facebook ad campaign with the tiniest of budgets ever, but guess what? I don’t have a choice and have to make do with this tiniest of budgets and see what kind of results I can garner. Keep tweaking and adjusting.

So, the question becomes for both you and me: what will YOU do better or smarter or quicker than the guy next to you? Will you train yourself for endurance? Can you keep getting back up, punch after punch? Are you going to be the guy who stays down and doesn’t get up?

Take a good look at your challengers in life and your competition in SEO. As much as more tools and budget can HELP, they are not a necessity to your success; in fact, they can be quite the distraction. Do you think a set of Nikes will make a runner? Or do you think a true athlete who eats right, learns his/her body, sticks to a running regimen on the daily, will make a great, successful runner?

Do you need $500 in SEO tools to rank? Nah. It’s difficult but you don’t NEED it.

Create your own fucking opportunity because, guess what? We’re all in the same boat and no ONE gives a FUCK about you, really. Get your shit together.

Not before you watch this video though, heh:

2015: What A Transitional Year! [Minus The Cuss Words :/ :D ]

2015…! You’re gone, bitch! I sure as hell don’t know about you but what a turbulent… and transitional year it has been. Everything changed: from my mental focus to my physical appearance.

In this post, I will be taking an honest review of all the positive things I have accomplished or experienced in the past year. To be honest, they wouldn’t have occurred without all the negative or turbulent crap I had to endure… but hey, I’m here and you’re reading this, so let’s move on.

Tough year and more to that sob story… but let’s review the year in the timeline of events (and please, feel free to share how YOU feel in the comments section!) πŸ˜€

Here We Go!

  • Building rapport with and teaching coding principals to children who really needed it. This was huge: I had never taught before. These were free classes set up at the library and, later, I ended up teaching classes at a school designed specifically for children who are affected by homelessness. The teacher told me she had never seen this set of students as excited about a class nor help each other out. In fact, this worked so well, an additional set of classes was added. These students have a tough home/family life and it wasn’t always easy. The teacher emphasized how other volunteers had quit but her students were responding well to me due to my laid-back nature. Of course, the best thing ever? One of the classes was scheduled on my birthday (which I think was an amazing start to my birthday)… when I walked in, these students sang a full on happy birthday to me and handed me a bundle of cards which they had made on their own. For me πŸ™‚ Amazing experience. What they might not know is that they taught me that I have good things to offer, that I can affect other human beings in a positive way:

    birthday cards by kids

  • Joining the local flag football league for second year in a row. This picture is from 2014, when these women were all strangers. Now? They are more like friends who I greet and say “hi” to, heh πŸ˜€
    football women
  • Meeting an important person I am comfortable calling one of my closest friends, who happens to be deaf. More on that later. But I can easily say, I’ve never had this much straightforward fun with another human being!
  • Learning to let go and be silly with friends
  • Participating in my first Gay Bowl! (And having fun with teammates, realizing we’ve all struggled through similar things… definitely helps!)
  • Being as brave as we could be in a particular, personal situation
  • Celebrating my birthday with my league teammates and friends on the field (I’ve never celebrated my birthday with non-family members).
    bday cake
  • Dropping my weight to 138 lbs, the lightest I’ve been in over a decade (Edit: I gained back 8 lbs due to emotional eating, lack of exercise, and well, the entrepreneurial hustle that has me at the computer 6-9 hours a day. Not worried though–getting back to it, Kids!)
  • Celebrating Pride!
    pride 2015
  • Not being afraid of going out alone. This one is hard. There seems to be a stigma attached to doing things alone. It can be a struggle sometimes but I don’t not do things any longer due to the fear of going out alone. Yay.
  • Meeting people I click with, allowing me to feel more comfortable in my skin
  • Mind blown by meeting and getting to know friends who are deaf or hard of hearing and peeking into a vibrant, dynamic community of people/friends
    great friends
  • When friends and sis showed up to Gay Bowl to support me πŸ™‚
  • Wearing a vest for first time ever… tee-hee!
  • Realizing my weaknesses might be my strengths. No, hold it. They ARE my strengths. (Going into the new year with less maybes and more “Yes, I can”s).
  • Grateful for my inner circle/people who I see every day… including Sspeedy!
  • For the first time in my life, owning my name and wearing it on a jersey. Check it: #33!
  • Getting a haircut with my hair sort of… kind of short, heh! Friends have been sweet with compliments! Trying to be not afraid of being more me πŸ™‚
    a line

These pictures give a good idea of the cool things I experienced in 2015. For most, they are nothing. For me, they’re a lot and life changing. Of course, I’m intentionally mapping out the things I need to accomplish in 2016… there is a separate post for that. But, here are my…

Major Goals For 2016

  • Have my Amazon affiliate site ranking for top 3 keyphrases within 3 months
    • This site has monetary goals such as generating $1000 in Amazon affiliate sales per month
    • Sell the site for 1-2x yearly profit
    • I know this can be done because several keyphrases are teasing me on page 2; it’s a matter of PBN links combined with some really good social signals… so freakin’ excited, ha!
  • Start cleaning up the second site (details later) and rank it for long tails first
  • Hit my personal, stable financial goal by June the latest
  • Generate $2-3k per month from providing SEO services, consistently
  • Lose weight to reach 130-135 lbs and gain a bit of muscle
  • Become a better, faster, more impressive athlete… (rusher, receiver, and practice basketball again)
  • Learn American Sign Language (ASL) so I can communicate with my friends on a more fluid level πŸ˜€
  • Do things that scare me (4 right off the top of my head)
  • Go snowboarding (Edit: Already done! Had sooo much fun with friends, it was ridiculous!)

But now… in conclusion, I’d say, this is a lot about me. What about you? Did you hit any of your goals in 2015? Are you hitting the ground running in 2016? I mean, we ARE here πŸ™‚

Before You Leave…

Try to remember your why. Why am I doing all of this? Sure, I have selfish reasons (healthy ones, hey now!) I want to travel and do work I enjoy from anywhere in the world. I want to have a successful, stable business this year. I want to spend without worrying too much and… well, I want a few people to be proud of me. I want them to know that anything is possible, that if I did it, surely, they can too… and that I am waiting. Lastly, it is to build something of my own, completely my own, with my name on it. So, yeah:

dont stop