July 2015: A July That I Possibly Could Never Forget!

These personal updates had one huge purpose: and that was to show you, the world, that building businesses of any type isn’t an overnight success. To build an online or offline business, there are different challenges to be faced: funding, personal… does it really matter? The internet seems to be full of overnight successes and hardly anyone shares the shit they are going through. I mean, if you’re a marketer, are you really going to sell anyone on anything unless you fake your own success, and not just fake it, but to exaggerate it times a gazillion?

Anyways, I have launched this site at a time when it feels like… parts of my life are collapsing on me while other parts of my life are flourishing. These personal updates are much harder to do than any of you may realize (and that’s not in a condescending tone, haha).  However, as hard as they are to do, they are sort of necessary for temporary stress relief… I suppose a healthier way of expressing some awful emotions. Not that all will be revealed here… but let’s jump right into it:

So, remember this update I did right here: Choose To Thrive… Or Die & Shit (something like that!) ?  Well, it’s an extremely personal update and it’s 7/22 today (if not, click away):

Let’s Go Back In Time… Jump In My BackWards Moving ChooCCCHOOO Train, Bitches!

Now that we’re all aboard my crazy train, not only was June a turbulent (yet equally awesome) month for me, as disasters struck from every which way that my family could hurl from & my friends showed me love in tons of ways (what a juxtaposition??)… less than 4 weeks later, I had a repeat situation with my family.

screaming internally

Yes, there has been a lot of that. Without going into specifics, I’ve had too many days where I’ve struggled emotionally. It’s been difficult and, believe me, I’m one resilient bitch. Yes, it can be hard to get going with the day, not because I’m lazy but because the things that are happening are draining, to say the least.

But it’s cool because I’ve been pushed so far past my limits that I’m like this crazy lady:

no fucks given

No, for real. I realize I am probably going to feel a fair amount of emotional turmoil and as much as it can eat at me, I will no longer let it hold me down like it has the last few weeks.

Do you know why?

Because I’m awesome. And the fact that you’re here only means you’re just as awesome!

It’s time to build something I believe in, something that I have been afraid to publicly do over the last few years. When people search my name, they will find information about cool stuff like how to build online empires of their own.

In the last few weeks, as terrible as things have been, a lot of cool stuff has also happened. Check out Yours Truly hanging out at the Pride Parade in San Diego, soaked head to toe, but man, how strange (& wonderful) to experience such times with good friends who are willing to show some love (fine, a lotta love):

pride 2015

Uncharacteristic to San Diego, it rained, and it rained TONS but still, we managed to enjoy the parade, through shivers and all, and score some fantastic swag!


It’s the first year I’ve had so much fun!

Growth! That’s what they call it, right?! High cost, but the results are delllliiiiiccciiiooouuusss, I promise 🙂

It was all about feeling proud of a part of you that has felt shame for so long. All my friends were there. There was electric energy in the air, energetic zings here, energetic zings there, we laughed and danced, and celebrated.

What more could I have asked for? (Well, the breeze after the rain could have calmed down, haha). Thank God for the burger that kept me alive 🙂

Oh, but then, as we celebrated, I also found out something really, really amazing! Around that same time…

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Say It Ain’t True!!!

Let’s rewind to about 2-3 years ago when I was trying to lose weight. There I was, probably around 6 pm, at Balboa park, walking or jogging when something amazing caught my eye: I saw a bunch of girls training and catching passes for flag football. Immediately, something went off in my head and I recall thinking, “I want to do that! I want to be that good!!!

[Side Note: What you must understand, right now, is that as a youngster, I always wanted to play sports. There were some things I was naturally good at and basketball, I was really damn good at. Long story short, I wasn’t allowed to join the girl’s basketball team… and that’s about the time where I decided how my future would be.]

With that, I waited until they were all done and spoke to their coach who would, next year, be my teammate (how this all came around in a circle, I have no idea, ha!).

He told me about Gay Bowl (yes, there exists such a fantastic tournament!) and also about the main flag football league here. My eyes and soul lit up! Next year (2014), I grew the balls and joined the league.

Seriously, one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life!

This year was my second year in the league and I’ve made solid friends who have carried me in my toughest moments. I know shit like this only exists in the movies but it’s sort of happening in my life… and it renders me speechless and hits me right in the heart and feels. Gah!

But, yes, fast forward a bit, and I have been selected to be on the Shredders team, one of the two San Diego Women’s flag football teams, REPPIN’ SAN DIEGO!



Look! That’s MY NAME along with my good friend’s name and alongside some awesome ladies I’m honoured to be playing with! Yes, I’m sooo geeked out!

Okay, okay, composure, Moon, there’s something to be said about that…

After I Launched This Site…

Two articles are ready to go with 1-2 interviews pending. I think it’s the family stuff that really paralyzes me lately and, well, remember that Live Case Study: Taking a Website From $0 To $50 In 30 Days?!!?

The idea isn’t the fifty damn bucks but, rather, if I’m able to earn even $50 from it, that means traffic is getting to the site and the “SEO” part is kicking in.

Progress is being made on that front and I will be posting a detailed update soon, including backlinking techniques (not as hard as you think, but definitely not sloppy either!)

It’s exciting to see that the site has to be ranking for a few long tails as I’m getting low traffic but an order is being placed here and there. It gets me thinking of the possibility of what this site could generate me: could it be a $500/month site? A $1000/month site? How about $5k? Don’t know, but I have to keep pushing despite the mind fucks I’m experiencing:

amazon july

Pretty cool for me to see because, again, my focus has been shot and it’s all been very hard.

I’m Still Not Fucking Done, So Keep Sipping On Your Shit!!!

Yeah, I can be a demanding cuss. But look, after the site launch, me and Karan Labra (whose interview I featured here)… well, we got to chatting, right? I’ve known the kid for years and know how good he is at what he does.

I’ve always looked for someone I can trust and partner up with… and yes, that chat lead to us partnering up for local marketing. Yep!

While I can commend folks for being successful at their ventures solo, it has been quite the struggle for me: the processes of selecting WHO to prospect, prospecting/outreach/various methods, fulfilling projects you have taken on, etc. It’s hard work!

With that said, I will be the face for now, meaning I will be be taking charge of sales (mostly), attending any necessary meetings, handling phone calls while Karan, my business partner, will take care of all client marketing aspects.

While all of this sounds simple, and at some point, it will be, there are tons of things to figure out:

  • If you don’t have much of a budget, how do you get started?
  • How do we hit our monthly goals? Who do we target?
  • How many numbers do I hit on a monthly basis?

So, yes, between the both of us, we have detailed our business plan and have set our goals.

And there’s NO WAY I’m not hitting that goal!

It’s time to get what’s mine. It’s time to get what’s ours.

More Things To Consider…

I am in the process of shooting videos which is, hands down, crazy shit because… you notice every tick you had… and never had, haha. Also, hours and hours are going into reaching out to other internet marketers and SEOs for interviews and formulating questions for EACH featured person takes TIME. Content like this post, or the Amazon affiliate site case study, take time. Permission to use photos for these posts takes TIME. Not to mention, I work for a non-profit and need to fulfill my job obligationis (which I also enjoy very much!)

Priorities, that’s all. All for a better future, all because I’m hungry to create my own story and to live life on my own terms.

That’s worth something, right? Fuck, it’s worth everything.

Typing all of this is sort of cathartic; it keeps me moving. It allows me to analyze and dump things outside of myself. Hopefully, you’ll allow yourself the same. You’ll also see that things are far from perfect but, hopefully, you will still choose to carry on.

true self

So, now that I’ve completely stripped myself bare, feel free to leave me a comment about the challenges you may be facing achieving your goals, especially your online business.

Remember, this is supposed to be hard. Just don’t forget your why.

Choose To Thrive Or Choose To Fucking Die

On June 5th, I posted, “Yesterday had me thinking, “Where did life go so wrong that you don’t want to wake up anymore?”


There comes a time, such moments in your life, if you’re lucky, where you know you will no longer be that same person anymore. These moments spur your very being into evolving yourself because you know, that if you don’t, you will either whither away OR, if somehow, you believe in yourself, you can grow into the person that you’re supposed to be. They help define you.

Not to sound dramatic but this website is a part of my growth, that turning point in my life where I can’t look back. This site is where you will see stuff from my personal life bleed over… which means severe repercussions when it comes to family life. You see, with my last name, come tons of expectations: religious and cultural.

Being the first generation born here in the United States, that means partaking in decisions that my family doesn’t agree with. You see my “About Me” (Fine, Horsey-Poo page)? That contains more of my life than I’ve let my family and friends see outside of Facebook.

…And the week prior, the week of my birthday, I was hit with the most stress I have ever felt past the age of 18. Family pressures & obligations.

Again, in case I’m not being clear, being a woman, more specifically, a Muslim woman, first generation of Pakistani descent, “Americanized”, and not married by the age of 33 (just turned 33!), amongst “other things”–has been a huge struggle. I’m sure it’s as much of a struggle for my family as it is for me.

Last week, I can honestly say I was tested: boundaries were pushed and I felt uncomfortable. I’m well aware that these words could be used against me but, going back to that first paragraph, it’s time to be all I can be. To make my own decisions.

To not be afraid, to not be anxious, to be more ME, to be the better me so eventually I can be the best me.


Why Am I Sharing Personal Crap Here?

One, I’m not built like the rest. Over the last year, I have found relief in writing. When I share my personal feelings, when I get it all out (usually only reserved for my most private circle), I feel relieved, albeit, perhaps temporary relief.

Two, a few years ago when I had my blog in the IM space, and I felt that I wasn’t doing as well as what seemed to be ‘small time bloggers’ who were becoming big timers, I learned about all the dishonesty that this space can generate. There’s more to this. I learned over the last two years that these blogs are deliberately set up to NEVER share any failures, to only sell the mirage of success.

I love TV shows like Shark Tank because of the nature of the show! We get to see entrepreneurs step up, share their stories, even when they’re not successful, and see if they get picked up by one of the sharks.

I think it’s important to share struggles. We all have a story to tell. It’s the one thing that helps connect us… maybe even save us? Nothing has helped me more in the last 2.5 years than meeting people who pulled me out of myself.

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I will forever be grateful for people who extended their hand to me, even when I pretended I didn’t need the help. I am grateful for people I can now call my friends, who, when they saw me in a corner by myself (hey, I can’t help I have the makings of a feral cat :/ ), they pulled me to them to talk to them, as if they needed my company.

Writing about it makes me tear up.

My Catalyst

I will never forget the week of my 33rd birthday: May 29th through June 6th, to be specific. I will never forget the boundaries that were pushed, how the whole thing went down. Last week (as I type this), had me thinking that this would be, frankly, the shittiest birthday yet.

Little did I know!

On my birthday, I was scheduled to teach a class full of 8th graders. I walked in and as I took my beanie off, the whole classroom burst into my happy birthday song! As they sang it to me, and as I took it in trying to hold emotion back, another student walked towards me and handed me a bunch of happy birthday cards that they had all individually made! Just look at the effort they made for me:

birthday cards by kids

That same day, friends… well “new” friends, let’s be frank, made time for me as well as close friends. I was treated to amazing Indian food, the perfect coffee, a delicious chocolate shake, and fun at night.

However, that’s not the peak of it. On Saturday, during our flag football playoff game, I was given so much time on the field, it took me by surprise. I typically rush a little bit or substitute for slot, which isn’t a lot when sharing those positions with other players. However, this time, I was also told to play linebacker position on defense.

Having never done this, I’m pretty sure I crapped a brick or two. First, in a hurry, I asked my teammate what the heck I was supposed to cover. Then thoughts like, “oh my God, Moon! If you miss one flag, you’ll never be asked to play defense again!”

Let’s just say that I played my best ever, caught my passes, and plenty of flags! As if that could get any more amazing, after the game, my amazing teammate Sara, pulls me aside, “Hey, let me introduce you to the girls in the league. It’s annoying when I say their names and you don’t know them.” I laughed and went along.

I should’ve known when this clever Frenchie introduced me to just one female player & brought me back. Back where? To where my team had set up a birthday cake for me, with a football signed by the team, & crooning happy birthday to me…

bday cake

That post, the image I’ve posted above, was posted after all of this went down. I experienced low lows and now high highs all within the week of my birthday. Talk about irony, Alanis!

Anyways…It’s My Time! Is It Yours?!

This has been long and very much focused on me. I have websites in the works, itsy bitsy details I’ll be sharing of how the sites are set up, the timeframe it took to generate any revenue, the backlinking strategies, and so on.

If there’s one thing I have learned this year, it’s that when you put good out in the world, more than likely, in one form or another, it’ll come back to you.

The lesson here is: take charge of your life, do whatever the fuck you want to do with it because you’re only going to live ONCE, and give, give, give!

Yesterday, while taking a hot shower, (minds outta gutter, please, haha!), I had this moment. I was tired. I am tired. I was tired of the shampoo stinging my eyes but while I can’t help that, could I possibly help the emotional struggles I’ve been feeling, non-stop, for years now?

The answer isn’t that easy, I know, but it was a “you can definitely do better. You’ve held yourself back professionally and personally but why? For what? Why are you letting your dreams slip by? You’re better than this… you’ve done things. Things you know you had to do to survive. You’re the one who is suffering and if it’s not your time now, then when?

It was a moment in a series of moments that felt so surreal, that it felt like I was watching a character play me in a badly scripted movie.

There were moments I felt like I could hysterically laugh out loud (because I see the humour in most situations) or hysterically… cry out loud. And that’s hard to admit.

After all, how could this be my life? How could things have gotten this bad?

If you are in debt, struggling with your family for whatever reason, dealing with anything that’s taking ahold of your life, you can choose to go either way:

  • Decide to come out of it
  • Keep feeling the same emotions until they take you down


Simple. Generate a full time income through online properties:


  • In 6 months, generate $2k per month from my own websites
  • By my 34th birthday, generate $5k per month from my own websites


Don’t get me wrong: I’m not cocky. However, I recognize the lethal knowledge I possess and also, the ways in which I have sabotaged myself. This is extremely doable. Plus, now I can tap into a network of people (other marketers) that I trust, who I can reach out to and get some advice. This will be key!

Plus, if I fail miserably, you get to tell me 😉 You’ll see what I’m struggling with, what is working, what’s not, how I handle any situations with my properties. I always love reading about case studies and detailed reports… so… you’re welcome!

Stop Fucking Around

I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to look at all that I have and all I’m about to gain. Fuck that, I’m lucky. I’m not sure how this happened but it did… and now I’m here.


“N-now th-that that don’t kill me
Can only make me stronger
I need you to hurry up now
Cause I can’t wait much longer
I know I got to be right now
Cause I can’t get much wronger
Man I’ve been waiting all night now
That’s how long I been on ya
(I need you right now!)…
Bow in the presence of greatness
Cause right now thou hast forsaken us
You should be honored by my lateness
That I would even show up to this fake shit” – Stronger by Kanye West
[Yeah, I totally quoted Kanye, from one narcissist to another, lulz].

How about you?

Fuck Marketers

Yeah, you read that right! I’ll say it how it is…

First, your loyalty is to yourself.

In the video, there was a point I was making.  And it’s this: You educating yourself: awesome!  You buying product after product and not doing anything with all that information: shit getting out of hand.  Visual explanation, because I love you:

this is shit

“Don’t be loyal to Google.
Don’t be loyal to anyone.
Be loyal to yourself.”

Most of you don’t know me and very few may. Years ago, I had a tiny little blog in the MMO space where I discussed fun little case studies… & then, one day, I let it all go.  I let the domain expire and someone else picked it up.  Ah, well.

As I sit here and type a rough draft of this very post, it is 1:00 AM on December 12/24/2014 [damn, and now it is 3/27/2015!] And boy, I have seen some small time bloggers turn into big time marketers, the… uh, state of the Warrior Forum and the IM industry, in general, and in the last few months alone, thanks to a local marketing friend of mine, I have seen how things work behind the scenes.

From the moment I learned about search engine optimization, I have loved it. In that sense, this has been a cruel love affair since around 2009. I have been blessed to earn small affiliate checks thanks to SEO and Google and I have also been unfortunate enough to have Google tank my sites.

In fact, of the marketing gurus I watched blow up in the last few years, earning four figures, then five figures, alas, ridiculous six figure incomes, I’ve never seen these marketers be HONEST from the start. A lot of their income comes from selling their services to other SEOs and marketers… and that’s okay. The exaggerated crap? Not so much… but I digress.

It Is What It Is?!

…And that’s where I have struggled with marketing. Trust me, I’m not hating. It’s just that… I know better now. And that’s half the struggle.

So, there are a couple of rules to follow here. There will be plenty of free content here. Read it, experiment, learn, grow!

If you haven’t earned your first dollar online, make that your first goal. If you’ve made $10 here and there, make it a goal to consistently make $100/month. Once you find consistency, you can scale it up.

Don’t buy anything from me unless you’ve been doing this for a little while. Nothing makes me roll my eyes worse than false money making guarantees or guaranteed results from generic services.

It’s common sense that these links building services could provide results for some sites and none for others. I guess it’s what sells at the end of the day. How can I fault marketers from making outrageous claims when it puts people in a frenzy and the market is there? That’s just the cynical ol’ me though.

What you will find here for free are case studies (sign up below, duh!) You will find what has worked for my sites, how to do things resourcefully when you’re down on your luck, and there will be plenty of services to test and try. But up until you have money, you have to invest your own time, work extra jobs, save, hustle. Essentially what I have done and continue to do.

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Just know: without you doing some actual work, you won’t get anyfuckingwhere. There is no substitute for hard work. What you don’t know or see is the behind-the-scenes of how marketers and SEOs make it happen.  That includes great ones and… well, not-so-great ones 😉

There is no one magic packet that’s going to rank you.  Here’s how you get rankings…..


  • Build a site
  • Build Content
  • Build links smartly
  • Keep building links
  • Don’t wait fool, keep building
  • Don’t overthink, keep MOVING, fool!
  • Rinse & fucking repeat
  • Bank & repeat, fool!

Don’t think ordering one package of backlinks will be the ‘magic bullet’.  Create your own PBN, create your own set of web 2.0s, use subtle strategies where required, churn and burn tactics when needed.

Don’t be loyal to Google.
Don’t be loyal to anyone.
Be loyal to yourself.

It’s Our Job To Sell You Shit

our shit, that is! And shit doesn’t mean cow dung. I just meant shit in general. But I suppose knowing how the IM industry works, that also includes cow dung.

At some level, we all want you to buy our services.  It’s our job to sell you our shit.  And some of us have great shit but the results will never be outstanding for everyone.  Too many factors.  Remember, you either get to invest money or time… just don’t sit there and blame anyone else for your failures.  Buy services, buy knowledge if you can.  If you can’t, burn that midnight oil, get under the hood, write those articles, create those web 2.0s.

So, yep, fuck marketers, & hustle to your MAX!!!

screw marketers

Gosh, I can’t end a post like that, lulz. Here’s some universal love:
love seo