Don’t Hire Me If…

The state of the SEO and IM industry is such that people want to rank for profitable keyphrases by investing chump change.  I understand but that’s not how it works.

Like any business, online properties that generate money require some investment (in most cases, whether it’s using your expertise + tools, or you hiring someone).  I don’t have the time to invest in small projects.  From time to time, I will be launching very specific services (such as my web 2.0 service). 

Here is some of work, from years ago, published as guest posts on various blogs:

12 Steps to Creating Ultimate Guest Posts Like the Pros
Is Free Shit Killing Your Online Business?
How to Create Emails with a 47.8% Open Rate and a 28.3% Click Rate
How to Use SEO Wisely for Long-term Profits

Obviously, these are from years ago and… I’ve been crafting my skills since then. I’ve written articles, copywriting, content writing, etc in a few niches. If you have questions, contact me. After all, who gets amazing compliments like this, a few times a month, from my inner circle?

amazing word order

*Swoon* Who says “amazing word order”? While I’ve been told I write really well and that I’m hilarious (I can’t deny this latter claim… ha!), the first one is truly humbling. Poke around my site here and you’ll form your own opinion… and if you think I stink, then you must hate having a good time while working, lulz.

Oh, yes, back to it, then!

So, let’s get some things out of the way.  Don’t contact me if:

  • You expect #1 rankings for competitive terms within a week
  • You will waste my time by telling me how to do my job
  • You don’t have money to invest

Contact me if:

  • You have a decent budget (Not sure? Contact me with details and I’ll get back to you)
  • You understand that I don’t own Google and can be realistic about time frame for results

Simple!  I want to work on interesting projects and, if we work together, with your consent, you may become part of a case study (without revealing your website and keyphrases, of course).

Contact me at moon space ninja at moonhussain dot ninja . Just follow those instructions 😉

I mean, psssh… when Chuck Norris says it?

chuck norris get er done