I can show you a picture of horse-poojust to show you that I’m quite the honest marketer, so let me fulfill that duty first, quickly:

this is shit

Trust me, I spared you.

Anyways, so my job as a marketer is to make you click on my poo… oh, pages. This whole website. Create curiousities, so to speak 😉

Really, it’s all about me.

obama juss kidding

But look, no, I get it. Who am I? Why should you invest your time into my site? Obviously you are here to learn, or perhaps, curiousity, and my purpose with this site is to help you emulate.

Here I am, last year, in 2014, attending an IM event in the heart of San Diego:


So, look, now I’m having a hard time typing this right now because despite the humour, this website is a culmination of the last five years of my life, ups and downs I’ve experienced, personal challenges I’m facing, and what I consider growth.

I’d like to share that my story is all fun and games but it’s not. I will reveal things as needed. Expect this blog to track my online income and website growth but also, don’t be surprised when I publish

So: who am I and why should you continue reading this? Well, in this space, in my space, I will show you how I’m making money online and share how other entrepreneurs are doing it. I have quite the personality which I’m hoping will come through as well. I swear, I’m pretty funny and likeable, I think, hah. But this is all about you, at the end of the day, because you are here to learn how to thrive online, for yourself.

Some History

In 2010, I moved to California and the last five years have been an adventure.  I have been doing freelance SEO for years, online and offline.  I have seen it all: I’ve seen small time marketers turn into big time marketers, people making promises about how their tools will revolutionize the industry and help you gain #1 rankings, the state of the IM industry.

If you want to know what I think about “that”, feel free to read my post here.

Wondering if I can help you?  Well, there is plenty of free content coming up, so that’s one.  I also have specific services I provide which I will detail in the next coming days.

Anyways, I’ve earned small affiliate checks and those are tastier than Indian food with some mango lassi, I swear. Shortly after I started earning those, my websites tanked in Google. I let things go for a little while…

…but now I’m back.

In the coming few weeks, I’ll be sharing stories of entrepreneurs who are making very good income online in several ways. All you have to do is pick one that relates to your strengths and “make it happen” for yourself.

After all, isn’t that why you’re here?

My Goal Here

Let’s get one thing right out of the way: this is how I make a living and this is how I want to grow: through SEO services and my own websites. I have a vested interest here.

However, there’s something about SEO as a career that for a lot of people, represents freedom from their dead end jobs. I can relate: I’ve been through some tough times and have had to be “resourceful”. Always feel free to ask questions. The least I can do is document stuff here: the rest is for you to do.

Wanna Know More?

Well, okay, let me list things I love to do.. such as… hang with my friends. Pictures are worth a gazillion words, so, let’s have some fun.

I love to laugh at my friends (not always “with”):
laughing at S

Force them to take flattering pictures of me:

Make sure the camera is aimed at this mug, fools:

Because more pics of me feeds my narcissism!

It doesn’t stop there. San Diego, football, and friends!
group pic

How I got here, is a story for another day 🙂 I love meeting people with good energy, people who I can talk to regarding casual things or heavy things, and most of all, people who can give me back what I need: a good laugh! Because if you can’t laugh, then you may as well get the hell out of here… it’s just not gonna work. Oh, and how could I forget mentioning my 15 year old main, Sspeedy, and flag football. My gosh, yes, flag football!

And wink, wink, SEO, online marketing, paint it whatever the heck you wanna paint it! Nothing like watching some commissions roll in or client sites climbing in Google and Bingy-poo.  A couple of years ago, I also formed Over the Moon Marketing to serve local businesses in Escondido and San Diego

Currently, I’m also working for a non-profit teaching introductory coding classes in San Diego and to be honest, I’ve never done more meaningful work in my life before. My responsibilities also (now) include developing website content, managing the Facebook page, and teaching 🙂

Anyways, feel free to drop me a line or two or share my content because, in all honesty, it takes time to put something worthy of your time out on this little space of mine. Oh, and I do love meeting new people 😉