Interview: Learnin’ The Smarts From The Genius Marketer Who Will Bank $250k-$500k By End of 2015! :o

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So, look, screw the formalities because I have an interview here, where I got to pick the brain of a marketer, who quite simply told me this:

If I mess up this year I’ll make $250K. If I hustle my ass off I’ll top $500K.

Ummm, say WHAT, Sir? Yeaaaaah, I do, indeed, have a few questions for you! 😮

Let me introduce you to this handsome Australian marketer, Adam Stanecki:

Adam Stanecki

A bit of a background from my end here: I believe I met Adam when we both joined a blogging course a few years ago. Ever since then, we have been “friends” on Facebook. Over the years, I have noticed his uplifting and positive posts which, in turn, lead me to ask him a few “questions”…. & now, you’re about to read the resulting interview here.

I came to realize that not only has Adam “figured it out”, but that he’s absolutely killing it. In this interview, you will learn about Adam’s full gamut of marketing strategies including free content, his Facebook ads, and his sales funnel.

The idea, as always, is that you learn how Adam has “made it” and apply his ideas to your own online business.

*Holding my hand out to YOU…. Let’s do this!*

1. Hi & welcome, Adam! Please introduce yourself and give us a little bit of a background 🙂

Well hello. My name is Adam. I’m a Virgo. And, yes, I like long walks on the beach.

As for my background, I am first and foremost a husband and father. I have an amazing wife and two energetic, entertaining and exceptional children. Yes, I am completely biased.

I’m a business coach and mentor. I work specifically with gym owners in the fitness and martial arts industries. These people help other people develop great lives and that’s important to me.

Before this current business iteration, I owned one of the first CrossFit gyms in Australia. And before that, I worked in IT. I started my first business when I was 11.

2. Okay, sooo, Adam has built his own service focused business where he provides business education and mentoring for gym owners. This year, his projections are coming in around $250,000-$500,000 (more on this later). That’s no chump change! Tell us, Adam, did you always know this is what you wanted to do? What did the first year of your journey look like? People always paint a pretty picture and most of the time, it’s not…

Honestly, for the longest time I had no idea what I wanted to do. The only thing that ever made sense was my wanting to help other people. I just never really knew what that was for me.

When I worked in IT, I enjoyed the problem solving and creative aspect of the work but it had no soul. It wasn’t really helping anyone. It was just generating money for organisations that didn’t need more money.

I threw that job in to become a personal trainer, and things just progressed from there. I went from being a trainer to opening a gym to mentoring gym owners.

The more I learn on this journey, the more people I help and the more money I make. The money is nice but it’s just a tool to do the things that we want to do. It removes some stress but it’s not everything.

3. Do you offer your services locally or nationwide as well?

I offer my services through the miracle of the internet so it’s worldwide. Most of my clients are in Australia but that is changing quickly. I have recently moved into the USA, UK and Europe. I recently signed my first client in Sweden. That’s going to be great fun.

4. Let’s start with how you market your services. Please list all the ways you do this and your budget for each on a monthly basis.

My marketing method is a little eclectic. I like to give a lot of content and information away for free. So, I create videos, record podcasts, write blog posts and articles, publish ebooks, and so on.

All this content goes out to my mailing list and is distributed to my social media following. I have a decent footprint now through utilizing various platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter etc.

I’m just starting to use Periscope too.

As for marketing costs, at last count, I was spending AUD $50 a day on Facebook ads. These ads add subscribers to my mailing list or members to my free online programs.

5. Let’s dig more into the Facebook ads. Would you say that… for someone starting off, this would be the quickest way to get business? To advertise through Facebook and collect leads and so on? Why or why not (if not, what’s a better alternative/strategy to get a handful of clients).

Tough question. If someone has a well-defined target market, Facebook currently offers the best advertising platform to get in front of those people. So, ads can work for sure. The important thing, more than the ads, is defining what the call to action of the ads or post is. Many novice Facebook advertisers pay for page likes but that doesn’t necessarily generate income.

My advice regarding getting started is to make connections with people whether online or not. If you just need a few clients, then reach out and find the right people and engage with them. The use of ads is less relevant than the development of relationships.

6. …and building onto that. Can you show us an example of one of your ad copies for Facebook? Also, once they click on your ad, please tell us, step-by-step, what the visitor/potential sees once they sign up. Basically, your funnel 😉

I use an e-book lead magnet to connect with people who are interested in my services. The publication covers the five essential actions all gym owners must take to succeed:

sales funnel

The Facebook ad leads to a landing page created with Instapage. I used a standard template. It’s pretty straight forward. A visitor leaves their name and email and gets immediate access to the e-book. From that point, they receive automated emails via Mail Chimp. The additional emails offer more value. Subscribers are encouraged to connect and the goal is that a conversation is started.

7. This is where marketers go hush-hush: How much do you charge for your services?

My most popular coaching program has a AUD $5,500 price point. It provides education, coaching and mentoring. I’m happy to say that results are constantly high for those that follow the program and do the work. I aim for a 20x ROI for all my clients.

[Editor’s Note: So, I really dug into this question because I wanted to see how Adam would be reaching $250,000-500,000 income for the year 2015. Following is a snippet from our Facebook conversation. Enjoy!]

adam income


adam fb questions

8. For someone starting off TODAY who doesn’t have much cash for marketing (that’s a struggle for most entrepreneurs starting off), please share with us what you think is the most effective way to market yourself?

Content marketing! Create and distribute great content so your target audience can see what you’re all about. Be honest. Be real. Share your story. Teach and share without looking for a return. The return will come. Ask questions of your audience. Find what they need. And then find a way to fill that need.

Getting your message out has never been easier. There are so many ways for you to share your thoughts, your beliefs, and how you can serve others.

If I was starting right now, I’d look for those people that had done, or are doing, what I want to do. Then I’d copy them. But more importantly I’d contact them and see how I could learn from them (I’d offer to help them first).

My top three platforms for getting my message out would be Facebook, YouTube and iTunes. I’d start there and then expand.

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9. What does your sales cycle look like? From start to finish… if it starts with grabbing a dozen donuts, start there 😛

Everything starts with taking the time to make a good coffee. [Editor’s Note: HELL YES!!!]

My sales process is simple and it’s all based on serving. Here’s my best attempt to explain it:

  • Attract people to my free content with
    • Facebook ads, and/or
    • Social media posts
  • Engage with those who have accessed my content
  • Offer more and more content and service
  • Ask if they want to discuss learning more
  • Interview them on a quick phone call
  • Invite them to join one of my programs if it’s best for us both
  • After that, it’s all about over delivering

10. What does your “system” look like, if you have in one place?

I have a whole lot of systems in place in my business. So, I’m not sure what you mean exactly.

The core of my business is that I am here to serve. I serve before the sale and after the sale. If you never buy from me but stay connected, you will still learn a lot. If you decide to hire me as your coach, then you’ll learn a whole lot more.

11. Let me re-phrase that: by this, I mean, do you have any hired help for your sales system in case you’re ill or on vacation? Do the parts keep moving while you’re “away”?

I work with a virtual assistant but she doesn’t handle the sales stuff. She assists with accounts, admin, bookkeeping and the like.

My sales process is very personal. I like to understand the people that I might end up working with, so at the moment, I speak to all my prospective clients one on one. I will be changing this is the near future but, for the moment, it comes down to me.

12. I love asking this question: let’s suppose you own your domain name and have a hosting account. No web presence, no one knows who Adam Stanecki is 🙁 All you have left in your account? $200. You need to pay rent within 30 days, $1k. What do you do?

I start networking my ass off. I contact everyone I know and see how I can help them. I ask if they can refer to me or make recommendations regarding who I could talk to.

I spend time connecting with my target market via Twitter, Periscope, Facebook, and other platforms and find ways I could help solve their problems. I then make an offer to solve their major problem and sell the solution. Last of all, I build and deliver the solution.

There are plenty of free ways to get your message out and connect with folks. Even paid platforms like GoToWebinar offer trial periods. So, I’d happily take advantage of those free trials.

I’d be pretty confident I could generate over $1000 in less than a month.

13. Any words of wisdom for folks reading this interview?

Read every day and find a mentor. Never stop learning. Your continued education will keep you innovating and growing.

And don’t fear failure.

Fail fast and fail often. Learn from your failures and keep forging ahead.

14. Lastly, Adam, I love when I get to peek at someone’s setup…. if only to show, that you’re just like anyone else out there, with probably nothing more than your connection to the internet and a laptop… that my readers can attain the same successes. Can you please show us what your workstation/office looks like? Y’know, where the “business magic” happens…?

adam's setup

Parting Words…

Before we all disperse, I’d like to take away a few key elements from this interview. It’s entertaining reading them but let’s keep a few key things in mind:

  • Content marketing works! You can start with publishing free informative content on your own site, Facebook, Youtube, and iTunes
  • Create a mailing list for the long term
  • If you’ve reached the level where you have a marketing budget, use an effective platform like Facebook ads (targeted to your potential clients!) offering a free but useful lead magnet
  • Offer services at various price points
  • Offer a seriously sexy ROI on your potential client’s “investment” into your services
  • Don’t be afraid to prospect
  • Network and build relationships!
  • All you need is a laptop that works and an internet connection… & your blood, sweat, & tears!

Adam is obviously an awesome human being who gave me quite a lot of his time to do this interview. He has a killer website where he shows gym owners how to literally fill their gyms: Fill Your Gym. Additionally, you should follow him on Twitter via @AdamStanecki.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Devise a 30 day action plan and go to town! Also, if you have specific questions for Adam or me, please leave them in the comments. Thank you! And remember, Carpe Diem, My Peeps!

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