These personal updates had one huge purpose: and that was to show you, the world, that building businesses of any type isn’t an overnight success. To build an online or offline business, there are different challenges to be faced: funding, personal… does it really matter? The internet seems to be full of overnight successes and hardly anyone shares the shit they are going through. I mean, if you’re a marketer, are you really going to sell anyone on anything unless you fake your own success, and not just fake it, but to exaggerate it times a gazillion?

Anyways, I have launched this site at a time when it feels like… parts of my life are collapsing on me while other parts of my life are flourishing. These personal updates are much harder to do than any of you may realize (and that’s not in a condescending tone, haha).  However, as hard as they are to do, they are sort of necessary for temporary stress relief… I suppose a healthier way of expressing some awful emotions. Not that all will be revealed here… but let’s jump right into it:

So, remember this update I did right here: Choose To Thrive… Or Die & Shit (something like that!) ?  Well, it’s an extremely personal update and it’s 7/22 today (if not, click away):

Let’s Go Back In Time… Jump In My BackWards Moving ChooCCCHOOO Train, Bitches!

Now that we’re all aboard my crazy train, not only was June a turbulent (yet equally awesome) month for me, as disasters struck from every which way that my family could hurl from & my friends showed me love in tons of ways (what a juxtaposition??)… less than 4 weeks later, I had a repeat situation with my family.

screaming internally

Yes, there has been a lot of that. Without going into specifics, I’ve had too many days where I’ve struggled emotionally. It’s been difficult and, believe me, I’m one resilient bitch. Yes, it can be hard to get going with the day, not because I’m lazy but because the things that are happening are draining, to say the least.

But it’s cool because I’ve been pushed so far past my limits that I’m like this crazy lady:

no fucks given

No, for real. I realize I am probably going to feel a fair amount of emotional turmoil and as much as it can eat at me, I will no longer let it hold me down like it has the last few weeks.

Do you know why?

Because I’m awesome. And the fact that you’re here only means you’re just as awesome!

It’s time to build something I believe in, something that I have been afraid to publicly do over the last few years. When people search my name, they will find information about cool stuff like how to build online empires of their own.

In the last few weeks, as terrible as things have been, a lot of cool stuff has also happened. Check out Yours Truly hanging out at the Pride Parade in San Diego, soaked head to toe, but man, how strange (& wonderful) to experience such times with good friends who are willing to show some love (fine, a lotta love):

pride 2015

Uncharacteristic to San Diego, it rained, and it rained TONS but still, we managed to enjoy the parade, through shivers and all, and score some fantastic swag!


It’s the first year I’ve had so much fun!

Growth! That’s what they call it, right?! High cost, but the results are delllliiiiiccciiiooouuusss, I promise 🙂

It was all about feeling proud of a part of you that has felt shame for so long. All my friends were there. There was electric energy in the air, energetic zings here, energetic zings there, we laughed and danced, and celebrated.

What more could I have asked for? (Well, the breeze after the rain could have calmed down, haha). Thank God for the burger that kept me alive 🙂

Oh, but then, as we celebrated, I also found out something really, really amazing! Around that same time…

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Say It Ain’t True!!!

Let’s rewind to about 2-3 years ago when I was trying to lose weight. There I was, probably around 6 pm, at Balboa park, walking or jogging when something amazing caught my eye: I saw a bunch of girls training and catching passes for flag football. Immediately, something went off in my head and I recall thinking, “I want to do that! I want to be that good!!!

[Side Note: What you must understand, right now, is that as a youngster, I always wanted to play sports. There were some things I was naturally good at and basketball, I was really damn good at. Long story short, I wasn’t allowed to join the girl’s basketball team… and that’s about the time where I decided how my future would be.]

With that, I waited until they were all done and spoke to their coach who would, next year, be my teammate (how this all came around in a circle, I have no idea, ha!).

He told me about Gay Bowl (yes, there exists such a fantastic tournament!) and also about the main flag football league here. My eyes and soul lit up! Next year (2014), I grew the balls and joined the league.

Seriously, one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life!

This year was my second year in the league and I’ve made solid friends who have carried me in my toughest moments. I know shit like this only exists in the movies but it’s sort of happening in my life… and it renders me speechless and hits me right in the heart and feels. Gah!

But, yes, fast forward a bit, and I have been selected to be on the Shredders team, one of the two San Diego Women’s flag football teams, REPPIN’ SAN DIEGO!



Look! That’s MY NAME along with my good friend’s name and alongside some awesome ladies I’m honoured to be playing with! Yes, I’m sooo geeked out!

Okay, okay, composure, Moon, there’s something to be said about that…

After I Launched This Site…

Two articles are ready to go with 1-2 interviews pending. I think it’s the family stuff that really paralyzes me lately and, well, remember that Live Case Study: Taking a Website From $0 To $50 In 30 Days?!!?

The idea isn’t the fifty damn bucks but, rather, if I’m able to earn even $50 from it, that means traffic is getting to the site and the “SEO” part is kicking in.

Progress is being made on that front and I will be posting a detailed update soon, including backlinking techniques (not as hard as you think, but definitely not sloppy either!)

It’s exciting to see that the site has to be ranking for a few long tails as I’m getting low traffic but an order is being placed here and there. It gets me thinking of the possibility of what this site could generate me: could it be a $500/month site? A $1000/month site? How about $5k? Don’t know, but I have to keep pushing despite the mind fucks I’m experiencing:

amazon july

Pretty cool for me to see because, again, my focus has been shot and it’s all been very hard.

I’m Still Not Fucking Done, So Keep Sipping On Your Shit!!!

Yeah, I can be a demanding cuss. But look, after the site launch, me and Karan Labra (whose interview I featured here)… well, we got to chatting, right? I’ve known the kid for years and know how good he is at what he does.

I’ve always looked for someone I can trust and partner up with… and yes, that chat lead to us partnering up for local marketing. Yep!

While I can commend folks for being successful at their ventures solo, it has been quite the struggle for me: the processes of selecting WHO to prospect, prospecting/outreach/various methods, fulfilling projects you have taken on, etc. It’s hard work!

With that said, I will be the face for now, meaning I will be be taking charge of sales (mostly), attending any necessary meetings, handling phone calls while Karan, my business partner, will take care of all client marketing aspects.

While all of this sounds simple, and at some point, it will be, there are tons of things to figure out:

  • If you don’t have much of a budget, how do you get started?
  • How do we hit our monthly goals? Who do we target?
  • How many numbers do I hit on a monthly basis?

So, yes, between the both of us, we have detailed our business plan and have set our goals.

And there’s NO WAY I’m not hitting that goal!

It’s time to get what’s mine. It’s time to get what’s ours.

More Things To Consider…

I am in the process of shooting videos which is, hands down, crazy shit because… you notice every tick you had… and never had, haha. Also, hours and hours are going into reaching out to other internet marketers and SEOs for interviews and formulating questions for EACH featured person takes TIME. Content like this post, or the Amazon affiliate site case study, take time. Permission to use photos for these posts takes TIME. Not to mention, I work for a non-profit and need to fulfill my job obligationis (which I also enjoy very much!)

Priorities, that’s all. All for a better future, all because I’m hungry to create my own story and to live life on my own terms.

That’s worth something, right? Fuck, it’s worth everything.

Typing all of this is sort of cathartic; it keeps me moving. It allows me to analyze and dump things outside of myself. Hopefully, you’ll allow yourself the same. You’ll also see that things are far from perfect but, hopefully, you will still choose to carry on.

true self

So, now that I’ve completely stripped myself bare, feel free to leave me a comment about the challenges you may be facing achieving your goals, especially your online business.

Remember, this is supposed to be hard. Just don’t forget your why.