2015: What A Transitional Year! [Minus The Cuss Words :/ :D ]

2015…! You’re gone, bitch! I sure as hell don’t know about you but what a turbulent… and transitional year it has been. Everything changed: from my mental focus to my physical appearance.

In this post, I will be taking an honest review of all the positive things I have accomplished or experienced in the past year. To be honest, they wouldn’t have occurred without all the negative or turbulent crap I had to endure… but hey, I’m here and you’re reading this, so let’s move on.

Tough year and more to that sob story… but let’s review the year in the timeline of events (and please, feel free to share how YOU feel in the comments section!) 😀

Here We Go!

  • Building rapport with and teaching coding principals to children who really needed it. This was huge: I had never taught before. These were free classes set up at the library and, later, I ended up teaching classes at a school designed specifically for children who are affected by homelessness. The teacher told me she had never seen this set of students as excited about a class nor help each other out. In fact, this worked so well, an additional set of classes was added. These students have a tough home/family life and it wasn’t always easy. The teacher emphasized how other volunteers had quit but her students were responding well to me due to my laid-back nature. Of course, the best thing ever? One of the classes was scheduled on my birthday (which I think was an amazing start to my birthday)… when I walked in, these students sang a full on happy birthday to me and handed me a bundle of cards which they had made on their own. For me 🙂 Amazing experience. What they might not know is that they taught me that I have good things to offer, that I can affect other human beings in a positive way:

    birthday cards by kids

  • Joining the local flag football league for second year in a row. This picture is from 2014, when these women were all strangers. Now? They are more like friends who I greet and say “hi” to, heh 😀
    football women
  • Meeting an important person I am comfortable calling one of my closest friends, who happens to be deaf. More on that later. But I can easily say, I’ve never had this much straightforward fun with another human being!
  • Learning to let go and be silly with friends
  • Participating in my first Gay Bowl! (And having fun with teammates, realizing we’ve all struggled through similar things… definitely helps!)
  • Being as brave as we could be in a particular, personal situation
  • Celebrating my birthday with my league teammates and friends on the field (I’ve never celebrated my birthday with non-family members).
    bday cake
  • Dropping my weight to 138 lbs, the lightest I’ve been in over a decade (Edit: I gained back 8 lbs due to emotional eating, lack of exercise, and well, the entrepreneurial hustle that has me at the computer 6-9 hours a day. Not worried though–getting back to it, Kids!)
  • Celebrating Pride!
    pride 2015
  • Not being afraid of going out alone. This one is hard. There seems to be a stigma attached to doing things alone. It can be a struggle sometimes but I don’t not do things any longer due to the fear of going out alone. Yay.
  • Meeting people I click with, allowing me to feel more comfortable in my skin
  • Mind blown by meeting and getting to know friends who are deaf or hard of hearing and peeking into a vibrant, dynamic community of people/friends
    great friends
  • When friends and sis showed up to Gay Bowl to support me 🙂
  • Wearing a vest for first time ever… tee-hee!
  • Realizing my weaknesses might be my strengths. No, hold it. They ARE my strengths. (Going into the new year with less maybes and more “Yes, I can”s).
  • Grateful for my inner circle/people who I see every day… including Sspeedy!
  • For the first time in my life, owning my name and wearing it on a jersey. Check it: #33!
  • Getting a haircut with my hair sort of… kind of short, heh! Friends have been sweet with compliments! Trying to be not afraid of being more me 🙂
    a line

These pictures give a good idea of the cool things I experienced in 2015. For most, they are nothing. For me, they’re a lot and life changing. Of course, I’m intentionally mapping out the things I need to accomplish in 2016… there is a separate post for that. But, here are my…

Major Goals For 2016

  • Have my Amazon affiliate site ranking for top 3 keyphrases within 3 months
    • This site has monetary goals such as generating $1000 in Amazon affiliate sales per month
    • Sell the site for 1-2x yearly profit
    • I know this can be done because several keyphrases are teasing me on page 2; it’s a matter of PBN links combined with some really good social signals… so freakin’ excited, ha!
  • Start cleaning up the second site (details later) and rank it for long tails first
  • Hit my personal, stable financial goal by June the latest
  • Generate $2-3k per month from providing SEO services, consistently
  • Lose weight to reach 130-135 lbs and gain a bit of muscle
  • Become a better, faster, more impressive athlete… (rusher, receiver, and practice basketball again)
  • Learn American Sign Language (ASL) so I can communicate with my friends on a more fluid level 😀
  • Do things that scare me (4 right off the top of my head)
  • Go snowboarding (Edit: Already done! Had sooo much fun with friends, it was ridiculous!)

But now… in conclusion, I’d say, this is a lot about me. What about you? Did you hit any of your goals in 2015? Are you hitting the ground running in 2016? I mean, we ARE here 🙂

Before You Leave…

Try to remember your why. Why am I doing all of this? Sure, I have selfish reasons (healthy ones, hey now!) I want to travel and do work I enjoy from anywhere in the world. I want to have a successful, stable business this year. I want to spend without worrying too much and… well, I want a few people to be proud of me. I want them to know that anything is possible, that if I did it, surely, they can too… and that I am waiting. Lastly, it is to build something of my own, completely my own, with my name on it. So, yeah:

dont stop

The Secret of PBNs & How To Minimize Your Risks In 2016!

Hey there, SEO Gals & Guys! My, my, how good 2016 looks on you already! 😉

Oh yeah, back to the point: I’ve promised you some invaluable information that you should be taking action on like…


I have achieved quite a few positive jump in rankings and I’ve definitely noticed similarities each time this happened:


Want results like these? Find out about my strong, quality, private PBNs here:


Fact of the matter is, 99.99% of SEOs and internet marketers are distracted by their families, the holidays, Christmas shopping, New Year’s plans, and God knows what else. The fact that you have landed here, right now, means that you are the rare .01% that wants to make stuff happen… while everyone else is mellowing out. Perfect timing!

The only thing I ask is: don’t read just to read. Do something. You are going to spend a couple hundred dollars this month on things that don’t matter in the long run: coffee, pizzas, dinners, etc. Take HALF that money and invest it in your online business.

Okay, enough about that. Let’s move on to my favourite topic: PBNs!

Why Are PBNs Important?

Just in case you didn’t know, a PBN is a private blog network. In layman’s terms, a PBN is a network of sites or blogs that you use for your own purposes; for SEOs and marketers, we use them for our favourite currency, which is linking out to our money site.

I won’t be going over the super basics of PBNs. There is plenty of information about this all over the web.

What we are going to focus on, is…

How To Build & Use PBNs in 2016

A couple of years ago, it was extremely easy to pick up expired and dropped domains, set up a crappy site quickly, stick your link on it to your main money or niche site and call it a day. Do this a handful or dozen of times and you could rank & bank quickly.

And then Google was like, “Naaawwww bitch!”

naw bitch

Google easily found out about these so-called private blog networks due to obvious footprints. There were services that were selling links on their PBNs that could easily be traced. These were publicly advertised.

… and no one cared.

Deep down, I knew this was sloppy but hey, if it’s working, why the hell would you question it?

Well, that all finished.

So, what did smart SEOs and marketers do next? Start building their own PBNs.

Now, look: if you have $500-$1000 just to experiment with, you SHOULD build your own fucking PBN! That’s the shit badass SEOs are made of. I’m all for self-learning.

However, as an SEO, you have to realize that you will probably make a few mistakes. That’s a part of any business, especially an online business.

The key to PBNs in 2016? It is to keep them as private as possible.

If you are limited by time or $$, you may as well buy or rent some powerful, effective links.

The thing you have to make sure though, is that you are not getting your links put on shady sites. What is a shady PBN site? A site with too many OBLs (outbound links!), meaning it links out to craploads of sites, links out to adult and pharma sites.

The PBN sites you want to get your links on should have decent metrics such as:

Trust Flow: TF was a metric introduced by Majestic SEO. It’s just a damn metric. To keep this short and get you going, it’s what the name implies. This score indicates the trustworthiness of a URL. 0-100 is the range of the score.

Citation Flow: Another metric introduced by Majestic SEO and scores range from 0-100 as well. CF measures the influence of a URL/site, depending on how many backlinks are pointing to it. The higher the number, the better it is.

Domain Authority: DA is a Moz metric on a 100-point scale which predicts how well a website will rank on the search engines.

Page Authority: PA is another metric developed by Moz, a 100-point logarithmic scale. It measures the predictive ranking strength of a single page rather than a whole domain or subdomain (like domain authority).

Page Rank: A metric developed by Google, PR is now considered to be defunct. However, if a domain has a decent PR, I take that as a bonus. (0-10 scale).

Non-Spammy BackLink Profile: This is more of a guideline. Make SURE that you are not investing in a site that has been used by an abusive SEO or marketer. What does that mean? Make sure the anchor text profile of the site or domain is safe. Once you go through this a couple of times, you will develop a knack for this.

If this all sounds overwhelming, subscribe to my private PBN list if you’re interested in placing links on clean, powerful sites:

Why Do I Give A Shit About These Things?

I hate to tell ya, Bub, but whether you building out your own PBN or start renting links, you need to become familiar with the lingo. You need to know where you are about to place your links, duh! Point a few links from shady sites, without strong metrics, and your site will flail.

The higher the numbers, the better. In general. Once you start dabbling in link rentals or looking up expired domains, you will become more comfortable with these.

Here’s What A Few Good PBN Backlinks Can Do…

I’m about to show you two graphs from a couple of different clients and one from my own project:

Client wasn’t sure why they were experiencing dip in rankings over several keyphrases. Placed a PBN link on 11/23:
client 2 jump in rankings

Another client who purchased a link to point to his money site; no other link building was done in that time frame:

Monitoring one of my own sites. Looking forward to getting this one to page 1:
client 3 jump in rankings

Keep These Important Things In Mind!

If you are aiming for the long term for your online business, then you need a little bit of patience. Here’s why I say that. Two extremely important things you need to consider are randomness and anchor text diversity.

Don’t keep building backlinks with the one and only keyphrase you want to rank for. PBN links are the most quality, so the urge is to use those for your primary keyphrase. I certainly understand that and to be honest, it depends on your linking strategy.

Also, randomness! So, Google and other search engines rely on patterns and footprints to weed out PBNs. That’s the simplest way to put it. What’s the best way to utilize PBNs?

First option? If you have all the budget in the world and can commit to it, build your own PBN!
Second best option? Purchase or rent links!
Third best option? Combine options 1 & 2!

If you are interested in renting links, hit me up (like, literally, above this text). This is an exclusive list just for PBN links. Once a week, I will send out what I have available. I set up a handful of properties every month, as that is the best way for me to handle my PBNs. Here’s to PBNs and your success in 2016!

Case Study: How I Ranked A Local Dentist Within 6 Weeks

Today, my Loves, we are going to delve into a particular case study and I know that most of you will benefit from this. In fact, as soon as you are done reading this, you’re probably going to sit there and think, “Was that really all there was to it?”


And No. I say no because like me, you didn’t believe in yourself so you didn’t attempt it. There are several ways of doing search engine optimization and honestly, as long as you get results for your clients, as long as it ends in what you’ve promised them (new clients… my favourite, or just rankings), that’s all that matters.

And no, I will not reveal who this client of mine is or which city their practice is in, exactly, because that will blow up quick in my face. I know how cut throat SEOs can be and, well, this is MA HOUSE, SON!

Background Check… AKA Portfolio

So, this dentist client happened to be near the city of San Diego but not close enough (20 minute radius). From the meetings we had and his budget, he opted to target his immediate city for which he was ranking on the 4th page for a main keyphrases. To make matters worse, there were a couple of Yelp reviews that were just ugly.

I don’t know about you but what most business owners are looking for is leads…

leads with lionel

What he did have going for him, was a nice website. It was a WordPress website but it was done well.

So, what did Lil Moon decide to do? (Edit: I’m sick and feeling super vulnerable right now, so shut your COLLECTIVE MOUTHS!)

I signed him on for a 6 month contract for 1st page rankings for 3 keyphrases, around $1500 per month. I decided to go with a three pronged approach…

My Ranking Strategy

As risky as things have been with Google and the other search engines, even with PBNs, I decided not to just target his main website but also a video of his and an additional web property that I would create.

Fair amount of work but I didn’t put all eggs in one basket. (Not if you plan out a strategy though!)

Actually, random thought: it only seemed like lots of work because I did this as a one woman team. For those who know their way around WordPress though, it’s not that hard to generate original content and set up a website. It’s not… but then, I can also write well.

The keyphrases we had agreed on went something like this:

  • [city] dentist
  • dentist reviews [city]
  • best dentist [city]

I made sure that each keyphrase had decent number of searches (and as a backup, included the keyphrases in reverse as well. For example, dentist [city], and so on).

After I had studied the backlinking strategy of the top 3 competitor sites, it became clear that they were using some sloppy ass private blog networks.

And, boy, were they sloppier than a loose meat sandwich :/

I mean: total garbage. And by network, I mean the biggest one was like… 7 or 8 websites, with each PAGE of EVERY website in that network linking to the dentist (in the footer).

Why it hadn’t been slapped yet… I’m not sure?

BUT! This does show you that it’s still relatively easy to rank in some cities. No, this wasn’t for San Diego itself but the cities close to San Diego aren’t exactly that… small. They’re just way less targeted.

Heck… makes my job easier.

So, my backlinking strategy? Sure, not against a PBN at all, but how about some local SEO basics? Do you know what those include? Here’s what I did:

#1. Citations:

Dudettez and Dudez! Citations are INCREDIBLY important. It’s not something to be taken lightly. Why? Because!!! Citations contain data like name of business, phone number, and an address. How is that relevant? The phone number and address let Google know that this is a business primarily located within a particular city! Geography plays an important role here. The very first month, I submitted 15. You can easily outsource these but I wanted to do these right and myself until I nailed the process. I made sure to submit consistent information, the exact same way.

#2. Including Geographical Information on Youtube Videos:

Look, Youtube is owned by Google now… just like the rest of us. I went to his Youtube channel and all his videos and included information about his practice, where it was located, and phone number. Yay!

#3. Quality Press Releases:

These weren’t exactly cheap and although I’m a good writer, I didn’t know how quality press releases are written. You know, their structure, etc. I outsourced this part and used a quality service.

How Did This All Work Out?

It’s important for you to realize that SEO, these days, easy or not, is like weight loss. You never know when your progress will pay off exactly (you only know that it WILL!)… just like exercising. I have seen results within 6 weeks, as well as no results and then a huge spike month 4.


In this particular case, I saw results within 6 weeks. Here’s exactly what happened.

I live in a sister city, a bit further away. SO, around that 6 week mark, one particular day, I started checking his rankings manually for those keyphrases…..

…& guess what?

My heart leapt so hard, I almost emailed my client right away. But no!


Alas, no, hold on Moon.

2/3 keyphrases were showing me top 2 spots, right? Okay, yes, I’ve confirmed. Let me get in touch with this SOB and deliver this grand ol’ news.

However, when my client checked his rankings from where he was, his own area, the rankings showed up on second page, not top 3 as I was seeing.

I could NOT believe my eyes when I arrived at his office.

It remained this way until Month 4. In the meantime, I kept doing what I was doing. I knew I had made a positive change in the rankings but it was a waiting game for him to see the results.

I believe I built about 3 small sites for him, for the purpose of a PBN. I used only 2.

Month 4: Nailed it.


Yep. Did I not tell you it was THAT fucking easy?

I did.

The part that is NOT easy is when you don’t have EXACT answers. I know what to do, duh, but I don’t work for Google so I can take best guesses but never have a definitive, concrete answer.

That’s also the exciting part and weeds out the strong from the weak.


How To Rank Locally In More Competitive Cities

What else could you do if you live in a more competitive cities? Invest in your own PBN.

Seriously. What if you were to invest in a 10 site PBN, thriving sites, with healthy stats, that look legit and ARE legit. And if you don’t have a ballin’ budget, that’s okay too.

Just follow some basic guidelines like separate hosting and decent expired domains. Write your own content. You don’t have to go balls to the wall and build all 10 right away. Start with one or two or three.

Even as slow as that sounds, within 6 months, where could you be?

Shoot, I have an in-depth guide coming up on how to create your own ballin’ PBN even with a shoestring budget and get your business thriving. Also, a guide coming up on building PBNs where I interview Karan on how he built his. Sweet stuff, I promise. Not as hard as you think either. Trust me, you want to know how Karan is doing it because I featured him here: How A Young Marketer Went From $20k Debt To Earning Over $15k/Month.

Anyways, I hope this post shows you how easy it can be to achieve results for a local business, including dentists! Until next time, Kids 😉

PS: If you want more transparent content like this, please like, share, tweet. Thaaaanx!