July 2015: A July That I Possibly Could Never Forget!

These personal updates had one huge purpose: and that was to show you, the world, that building businesses of any type isn’t an overnight success. To build an online or offline business, there are different challenges to be faced: funding, personal… does it really matter? The internet seems to be full of overnight successes and hardly anyone shares the shit they are going through. I mean, if you’re a marketer, are you really going to sell anyone on anything unless you fake your own success, and not just fake it, but to exaggerate it times a gazillion?

Anyways, I have launched this site at a time when it feels like… parts of my life are collapsing on me while other parts of my life are flourishing. These personal updates are much harder to do than any of you may realize (and that’s not in a condescending tone, haha).  However, as hard as they are to do, they are sort of necessary for temporary stress relief… I suppose a healthier way of expressing some awful emotions. Not that all will be revealed here… but let’s jump right into it:

So, remember this update I did right here: Choose To Thrive… Or Die & Shit (something like that!) ?  Well, it’s an extremely personal update and it’s 7/22 today (if not, click away):

Let’s Go Back In Time… Jump In My BackWards Moving ChooCCCHOOO Train, Bitches!

Now that we’re all aboard my crazy train, not only was June a turbulent (yet equally awesome) month for me, as disasters struck from every which way that my family could hurl from & my friends showed me love in tons of ways (what a juxtaposition??)… less than 4 weeks later, I had a repeat situation with my family.

screaming internally

Yes, there has been a lot of that. Without going into specifics, I’ve had too many days where I’ve struggled emotionally. It’s been difficult and, believe me, I’m one resilient bitch. Yes, it can be hard to get going with the day, not because I’m lazy but because the things that are happening are draining, to say the least.

But it’s cool because I’ve been pushed so far past my limits that I’m like this crazy lady:

no fucks given

No, for real. I realize I am probably going to feel a fair amount of emotional turmoil and as much as it can eat at me, I will no longer let it hold me down like it has the last few weeks.

Do you know why?

Because I’m awesome. And the fact that you’re here only means you’re just as awesome!

It’s time to build something I believe in, something that I have been afraid to publicly do over the last few years. When people search my name, they will find information about cool stuff like how to build online empires of their own.

In the last few weeks, as terrible as things have been, a lot of cool stuff has also happened. Check out Yours Truly hanging out at the Pride Parade in San Diego, soaked head to toe, but man, how strange (& wonderful) to experience such times with good friends who are willing to show some love (fine, a lotta love):

pride 2015

Uncharacteristic to San Diego, it rained, and it rained TONS but still, we managed to enjoy the parade, through shivers and all, and score some fantastic swag!


It’s the first year I’ve had so much fun!

Growth! That’s what they call it, right?! High cost, but the results are delllliiiiiccciiiooouuusss, I promise 🙂

It was all about feeling proud of a part of you that has felt shame for so long. All my friends were there. There was electric energy in the air, energetic zings here, energetic zings there, we laughed and danced, and celebrated.

What more could I have asked for? (Well, the breeze after the rain could have calmed down, haha). Thank God for the burger that kept me alive 🙂

Oh, but then, as we celebrated, I also found out something really, really amazing! Around that same time…

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Say It Ain’t True!!!

Let’s rewind to about 2-3 years ago when I was trying to lose weight. There I was, probably around 6 pm, at Balboa park, walking or jogging when something amazing caught my eye: I saw a bunch of girls training and catching passes for flag football. Immediately, something went off in my head and I recall thinking, “I want to do that! I want to be that good!!!

[Side Note: What you must understand, right now, is that as a youngster, I always wanted to play sports. There were some things I was naturally good at and basketball, I was really damn good at. Long story short, I wasn’t allowed to join the girl’s basketball team… and that’s about the time where I decided how my future would be.]

With that, I waited until they were all done and spoke to their coach who would, next year, be my teammate (how this all came around in a circle, I have no idea, ha!).

He told me about Gay Bowl (yes, there exists such a fantastic tournament!) and also about the main flag football league here. My eyes and soul lit up! Next year (2014), I grew the balls and joined the league.

Seriously, one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life!

This year was my second year in the league and I’ve made solid friends who have carried me in my toughest moments. I know shit like this only exists in the movies but it’s sort of happening in my life… and it renders me speechless and hits me right in the heart and feels. Gah!

But, yes, fast forward a bit, and I have been selected to be on the Shredders team, one of the two San Diego Women’s flag football teams, REPPIN’ SAN DIEGO!



Look! That’s MY NAME along with my good friend’s name and alongside some awesome ladies I’m honoured to be playing with! Yes, I’m sooo geeked out!

Okay, okay, composure, Moon, there’s something to be said about that…

After I Launched This Site…

Two articles are ready to go with 1-2 interviews pending. I think it’s the family stuff that really paralyzes me lately and, well, remember that Live Case Study: Taking a Website From $0 To $50 In 30 Days?!!?

The idea isn’t the fifty damn bucks but, rather, if I’m able to earn even $50 from it, that means traffic is getting to the site and the “SEO” part is kicking in.

Progress is being made on that front and I will be posting a detailed update soon, including backlinking techniques (not as hard as you think, but definitely not sloppy either!)

It’s exciting to see that the site has to be ranking for a few long tails as I’m getting low traffic but an order is being placed here and there. It gets me thinking of the possibility of what this site could generate me: could it be a $500/month site? A $1000/month site? How about $5k? Don’t know, but I have to keep pushing despite the mind fucks I’m experiencing:

amazon july

Pretty cool for me to see because, again, my focus has been shot and it’s all been very hard.

I’m Still Not Fucking Done, So Keep Sipping On Your Shit!!!

Yeah, I can be a demanding cuss. But look, after the site launch, me and Karan Labra (whose interview I featured here)… well, we got to chatting, right? I’ve known the kid for years and know how good he is at what he does.

I’ve always looked for someone I can trust and partner up with… and yes, that chat lead to us partnering up for local marketing. Yep!

While I can commend folks for being successful at their ventures solo, it has been quite the struggle for me: the processes of selecting WHO to prospect, prospecting/outreach/various methods, fulfilling projects you have taken on, etc. It’s hard work!

With that said, I will be the face for now, meaning I will be be taking charge of sales (mostly), attending any necessary meetings, handling phone calls while Karan, my business partner, will take care of all client marketing aspects.

While all of this sounds simple, and at some point, it will be, there are tons of things to figure out:

  • If you don’t have much of a budget, how do you get started?
  • How do we hit our monthly goals? Who do we target?
  • How many numbers do I hit on a monthly basis?

So, yes, between the both of us, we have detailed our business plan and have set our goals.

And there’s NO WAY I’m not hitting that goal!

It’s time to get what’s mine. It’s time to get what’s ours.

More Things To Consider…

I am in the process of shooting videos which is, hands down, crazy shit because… you notice every tick you had… and never had, haha. Also, hours and hours are going into reaching out to other internet marketers and SEOs for interviews and formulating questions for EACH featured person takes TIME. Content like this post, or the Amazon affiliate site case study, take time. Permission to use photos for these posts takes TIME. Not to mention, I work for a non-profit and need to fulfill my job obligationis (which I also enjoy very much!)

Priorities, that’s all. All for a better future, all because I’m hungry to create my own story and to live life on my own terms.

That’s worth something, right? Fuck, it’s worth everything.

Typing all of this is sort of cathartic; it keeps me moving. It allows me to analyze and dump things outside of myself. Hopefully, you’ll allow yourself the same. You’ll also see that things are far from perfect but, hopefully, you will still choose to carry on.

true self

So, now that I’ve completely stripped myself bare, feel free to leave me a comment about the challenges you may be facing achieving your goals, especially your online business.

Remember, this is supposed to be hard. Just don’t forget your why.

Live Case Study Update #1: From $0-$50 Within The Month?!

Look, so the last two months have been extremely chaotic in my world… & I suppose, this is real life. You may have things going on your life that are holding you back from focusing like you should be. In my world, family is closing in in extreme ways and I’ve had ups and downs.

Weekend dance fun with this? Hell yes!

Oh, the fun… live a little 😉

Oh, again, yes, here is the very first post regarding this live case study, so if you haven’t read it, READ IT and then come back 🙂

Live Case Study: Taking A Website From $0 To $50 In 30 Days?!!

What Got In The Way Of My SEO Lovin’

  • Unannounced pest control that had us clearing every cabinet
  • Family bullshit that I won’t get into
  • Emotional issues arising from above
  • My job
  • And the biggest one! Producing content for this site 🙂

Whew, that last one though? Is days and weeks and months of work even though it may not look like it. I want this blog to have an impact and I wanted to launch it with useful articles including interviews.

How else does one nail interviews with other amazing bloggers and marketers? Not to toot my horn but here we have Ramsay of Blog Tyrant, Karan killing it, and well, just one more marketer making an average of $5-$15k PER MONTH.

Yeah, I know, it’s all so disgusting 😛

I’m not ready to reveal to the world yet the stuff that I know is holding me back, so please stay patient.

What I’ve Noticed…

When I was creating content for the site a month ago and editing everything, I realized that my rankings for the site were quite unstable.  However, now they’ve stabilized and either have maintained their rankings or have gained a slight upper hand….

… but slight.

… And slight doesn’t put an Amazon affiliate check in my hands, so boo-hissies!

So, in the first post, I mentioned the things I was supposed to do.  And as I type this, I feel ashamed that I’ve held myself back and not made progress…. but let’s go through this because I’ve realized a few things:

  • It’s been extremely hard to juggle the launch
  • Organizing things behind the scenes and partnering with someone to start marketing agency
  • Preparing interview questions and contacting fellow IMers takes time (a lot)
  • Outsource backlinking (Fiverr most likely) while I prep more content
  • Next week, my schedule is JAM PACKED with classes, so I’ll easily be out 6 hours, excluding driving?

It will take me outsourcing and God’s will for me to make progress on this site, plus my little affiliate/niche site.

But gosh darnit, I know it’s more than worth doing because… it’s what I WANT to be doing.

Lastly, I’ve been reading a LOT about Facebook ads and am wondering if it’s worth testing for a site like mine… but the content promoted would have to be very strategic and this might require a decent budget to get started.

However, is there harm if I were to test with $50 and see what the results are?  See what kind of traffic the site receives…

At this point, I’m going through the same struggles that many of you are faced with…. but this is what I need to figure out and push through.

At this point, I need to figure out traffic, whether the SEO part is too slow for now and pay for it or keep plugging away, but the site needs to show me some… “potential.”

Anyways, now that I’ve kick started my own anxiety, please wait for the third update before y’all skewer the hell out of me.

Go on, leave me any motivational or shame inducing comments here 😛



Interview: Deconstructing The Brain Of The Blog Tyrant AKA Ramsay Taplin, How He Sold A Site For Five Figures, & Other Scandalous Confessions…

So, let’s just say, years ago, when I learned about the SEO, IM, MMO industry (search engine optimization, internet marketing, make money online — all closely tied industries), I’ve seen a lot happen over the last few years. There are certain people that have left a lasting impression and one of those people, undoubtedly, is Ramsay Taplin, who set of sparks of mystery and curiousity all over the web under the alias, The Blog Tyrant.  [PS. You won’t find anything scandalous here regarding the Blog Tyrant but you will find the method behind his madness and how he got to where he is.  Hey, I got you here, right? 😉  ]

Ramsay Blog Tyrant

[Above image pulled from BlogTyrant.com].

For a while there (and still!), I was, along with hundreds of other readers, mesmerized by his articles, each one crafted masterfully, keeping my attention for the entirety of the read (and believe me, keeping me glued to something for more than 1.5 minutes? Call it a miracle!)

Anyways, it is my absolute pleasure to present this interview, with The Blog Tyrant, aka Ramsay, the blogger who is truly amazing at what he does. Not sure? Be sure to check out the links provided in the article. Thanks for making time for this interview, Ramsay!

Let us begin!

1.  Ramsey, so I must begin this interview question with an extremely important question: can you PLEASE teach me how to say, “I’m a sexy lady, mate!” in an Australian accent?  This could take minutes or hours…

Nobody in Australia says that. 😉

[Editor’s Note: Aw, no fun there Ramsay 😉 ]

2. Let’s get to the serious stuff now, Blog Tyrant 😛   So, how, when, where did you come up with the idea of Blog Tyrant?  Did you have any intuition that it would work out oh-so-grandly for you?

Initially I registered BlogTyrant.com because I wanted to create an online marketplace for everything to do with blogging – buying articles, hiring writers, selling blogs, etc.  I wrote a few articles to start populating the site with content and one of them hit the front page of Delicious and I got over 11,000 visitors in the blog’s first month.  I decided to just run with it because it seemed like people were enjoying what I was writing.  So it hasn’t gone to plan at all!

3. Tell us: what does a typical Blog Tyrant article brainstorming session looks like?  How many hours does it take from idea, to headline, to execution?

In a way, every article is the product of years of mucking around online.  Even back in high school I was creating websites and by college I had sold one for five figures.  I always try to write about things that I’ve tried myself – keep it really practical.  Each article is different but they usually take me between two days and a week to write – especially if they end up being a big 5,000+ word monster!

I always try to make sure every post fits into an overall blogging strategy, so in that way I brainstorm topics that will help people solve problems within the niche that I’m targeting. First I research the keywords to make sure they have traffic, then I’ll write a title out 15 or 20 times to include those keywords and make it catchy. Finally, I sit down and write out a big post making sure to keep it as useful as possible and including as many resources as I can.

4. Did the plan you set out for BT go as you charted?  Was it slower/faster than you anticipated? Can you share any exhilarating moments from this journey?
It’s been a wild ride! I really didn’t expect it to ever become this successful, and that’s been a bit scary at times.

The most exhilarating moment was the day I revealed my identity after two years of anonymous blogging. It was the first ever guest post on ViperChill and received hundreds of comments and emails from long time readers. I remember being so nervous before we hit publish!

Honestly though, the best thing about the journey is the people. I’ve made a lot of friends and I feel really humbled when someone emails me to say how much their blog has helped them. I recently received a comment from a reader who had terminal cancer and told me that Blog Tyrant had inspired him to write more as something to leave behind for his kids. That, to me, is the most incredible reward.

5. What do you identify yourself as best: marketer? SEO guy? Social media expert?  Please explain why… and how you’ve used that angle to grow BT or your other blogs.

As bloggers, we wear so many hats. I have to be a content writer, SEO expert, server technician, graphic designer, accountant, etc. all in one day!

I spend most of my time writing content, so I think I would have to consider myself a writer first. But that writing comes from tinkering around with online marketing ideas so maybe the marketing comes first? And then when it comes down to it, most of my money from from good SEO practices.

Hard question!

I think one thing to remember is that all bloggers should be good business owners – and that means finding people to help you share the load. Hiring other writers, coders, server admins, etc. is vital if you want to really make it.

6. Let’s talk about your first “successful” blog.  What niche was it in?  Did you have any specific criteria before you entered that niche?  How long before this blog generated you any income?  Did you have any moments where you thought you may as well give up? Please feel free to share the income generated from it.

My first successful blog was in the fitness niche.  It started as a place for me to just document my own ideas about training as I was heavily into bodybuilding and martial arts at the time.

It started making a decent income (for a college student) after a few months by relying mostly on Adsense. Unfortunately I didn’t know anything about growing a mailing list or any long term strategies.

There were times where I wanted to give up on it, but I think the thing that kept me going was that I loved the topic so much. If you hate what you blog about, it can make it so hard. I ended up selling that blog for five figures and dropping out of college to focus more closely on my online business.

7. Most marketers don’t talk about their failed attempts.  Your turn, haha.  How many failed projects did you have until you hit your first successful blog?

Oh I talk about my failures all the time! I regularly share them on my blog and my podcast is called Blog Tyrant XPeriments because I wanted to share those mistakes and ideas. Failures are so important – it’s how you learn, come up with new ideas and refine existing ideas. I’ve had dozens of failed blogs and websites – it’s no big deal. You just learn and try again.

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8. Please don’t think you’re being… immodest: why do you think you have seen great success as a blogger versus thousands of others who attempted the very same thing at the same time you did?  Money?  Resources?  Brains, ideas, angles, execution?

It’s a mix of a lot of factors, I think. I’ve spent a lot of time doing it and have learned what to emphasize and what to ignore. Honestly speaking, my stuff isn’t anywhere near the best stuff out there. Not by a long shot. But I focus on promotion and community building and, as a result, I’ve had some luck getting known.

The most common thing I notice about successful entrepreneurs is that they are always curious. They want to know how to get that bounce rate down or conversion rate up. They research and tweak and get excited at projects and new ideas. That curiosity is really important to find.

9. What would you say is that “top one thing” that a blog/blogger MUST have to increase their chances of succeeding/being heard/breaking out?

I really think the most important thing for any brand, blog or business is to be distinctive. I first learned this idea from a book called How Brands Grow and it has really changed how I think about my business. You need to stand out from the crowd and be memorable, and that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be original.

I think the best step is to think about how you can help people solve a very specific problem that they have. Figure out a way to do that genuinely and then make sure the content through which you solve those problems is presented in a different way to everyone else in that niche.

10.  What does your daily work schedule look like? Can we have a picture of your home office?

My schedule changes a lot depending on what projects I have going. Usually I start work at about 10am at a nearby cafe just brainstorming ideas and writing content. I then stop at around 4pm and go to training and relax before jumping back on and finishing off around midnight. I’m in Australia so sometimes I need to be awake when America is awake because that is when most of the world’s traffic is active. Most of the time I prefer to work somewhere without a lot of clutter and with this little guy.

Ramsay, The Blog Tyrant, With Partner In Crime!


11. Do you have any kind words for people starting off in blogging?

I think it is really important to remember that blogging is supposed to be fun. As long as you are enjoying it and trying to help people I think it can be a really rewarding past time and has so many benefits.

If you are thinking about blogging to make money or to help grow and existing business then please make sure you get started the right way with your own domain name, web host and a platform like WordPress. That gives you amazing flexibility, power and complete control over your asset. And then just make sure you are providing a lot of value in a very distinctive way.