Fuck Marketers

Yeah, you read that right! I’ll say it how it is…

First, your loyalty is to yourself.

In the video, there was a point I was making.  And it’s this: You educating yourself: awesome!  You buying product after product and not doing anything with all that information: shit getting out of hand.  Visual explanation, because I love you:

this is shit

“Don’t be loyal to Google.
Don’t be loyal to anyone.
Be loyal to yourself.”

Most of you don’t know me and very few may. Years ago, I had a tiny little blog in the MMO space where I discussed fun little case studies… & then, one day, I let it all go.  I let the domain expire and someone else picked it up.  Ah, well.

As I sit here and type a rough draft of this very post, it is 1:00 AM on December 12/24/2014 [damn, and now it is 3/27/2015!] And boy, I have seen some small time bloggers turn into big time marketers, the… uh, state of the Warrior Forum and the IM industry, in general, and in the last few months alone, thanks to a local marketing friend of mine, I have seen how things work behind the scenes.

From the moment I learned about search engine optimization, I have loved it. In that sense, this has been a cruel love affair since around 2009. I have been blessed to earn small affiliate checks thanks to SEO and Google and I have also been unfortunate enough to have Google tank my sites.

In fact, of the marketing gurus I watched blow up in the last few years, earning four figures, then five figures, alas, ridiculous six figure incomes, I’ve never seen these marketers be HONEST from the start. A lot of their income comes from selling their services to other SEOs and marketers… and that’s okay. The exaggerated crap? Not so much… but I digress.

It Is What It Is?!

…And that’s where I have struggled with marketing. Trust me, I’m not hating. It’s just that… I know better now. And that’s half the struggle.

So, there are a couple of rules to follow here. There will be plenty of free content here. Read it, experiment, learn, grow!

If you haven’t earned your first dollar online, make that your first goal. If you’ve made $10 here and there, make it a goal to consistently make $100/month. Once you find consistency, you can scale it up.

Don’t buy anything from me unless you’ve been doing this for a little while. Nothing makes me roll my eyes worse than false money making guarantees or guaranteed results from generic services.

It’s common sense that these links building services could provide results for some sites and none for others. I guess it’s what sells at the end of the day. How can I fault marketers from making outrageous claims when it puts people in a frenzy and the market is there? That’s just the cynical ol’ me though.

What you will find here for free are case studies (sign up below, duh!) You will find what has worked for my sites, how to do things resourcefully when you’re down on your luck, and there will be plenty of services to test and try. But up until you have money, you have to invest your own time, work extra jobs, save, hustle. Essentially what I have done and continue to do.

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Just know: without you doing some actual work, you won’t get anyfuckingwhere. There is no substitute for hard work. What you don’t know or see is the behind-the-scenes of how marketers and SEOs make it happen.  That includes great ones and… well, not-so-great ones 😉

There is no one magic packet that’s going to rank you.  Here’s how you get rankings…..


  • Build a site
  • Build Content
  • Build links smartly
  • Keep building links
  • Don’t wait fool, keep building
  • Don’t overthink, keep MOVING, fool!
  • Rinse & fucking repeat
  • Bank & repeat, fool!

Don’t think ordering one package of backlinks will be the ‘magic bullet’.  Create your own PBN, create your own set of web 2.0s, use subtle strategies where required, churn and burn tactics when needed.

Don’t be loyal to Google.
Don’t be loyal to anyone.
Be loyal to yourself.

It’s Our Job To Sell You Shit

our shit, that is! And shit doesn’t mean cow dung. I just meant shit in general. But I suppose knowing how the IM industry works, that also includes cow dung.

At some level, we all want you to buy our services.  It’s our job to sell you our shit.  And some of us have great shit but the results will never be outstanding for everyone.  Too many factors.  Remember, you either get to invest money or time… just don’t sit there and blame anyone else for your failures.  Buy services, buy knowledge if you can.  If you can’t, burn that midnight oil, get under the hood, write those articles, create those web 2.0s.

So, yep, fuck marketers, & hustle to your MAX!!!

screw marketers

Gosh, I can’t end a post like that, lulz. Here’s some universal love:
love seo