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Whether you’re a lone SEO Ninja or owner of an agency, we’ve got you covered.

Complete PBN website solutions, with your rankings in mind, built like nothing else on the marketplace:

 Zero footprints

 Niche relevant PBNs

 Add-on hosting, maintenance, & fresh content (as your budget allows)

Completely, hassle-free PBN solution from A-Z depending on your needs!


I was lucky enough to receive a review copy for Moon’s service. I have tried a few of the PBN providers this month and Moon’s creation is absolutely top notch. Communication has been a breeze too, she follows my request to every detail of it. So far I have been impressed and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a PBN builder.

Daren Ng

Owner, Advance Digital

“Just received my PBN site designed for me by Moon and her team. Well I present have 2 guys handle my PBN design and they are good. So when Moon promised to make hers even better than industry limits I was a bit sceptical but gave her the opportunity. Though it took a little longer to deliver the site but I was hugely surprised at the quality design.

Far better structured than most money sites online. It was design like top Authority sites and even comes with 4 articles all interlinked on good theme. So she did not only over-delivered, but plainly announced to us lovers of PBN she’s ready to assist us take our network to the next level.”

Patrick U.

Ahem… As I was Saying:

Nunchucks. Bruh, NUNCHUUUUUCKS!

Wait a second, Grasshopper!

  • Are you sick of hunting for quality expired or auction domains only to have your time wasted?
  • Hate dealing with the mess of setting PBNs up from writers?
  • How many topic ideas can you possibly come up with?
  • How many iWriter orders can you possibly deal with(?!?!) to shady hosting to maintenance


While there is nothing better than having your own PBNs, they are also quite time consuming. Trust me: been there, done that. I finally nailed down the process once I trained a team behind me. Before you hit me up, I want you to be 100% sure you want the cleanest, most effective PBN setups the market has to offer today… and backed with an INDEXATION guarantee. While I drop my knowledge bombs, read below to see if you even need this kind of lethal SEO arsenal:

While I’m supposed to be stealthy, here’s the truth that no one’s telling you: to succeed in any type of SEO, TODAY, whether it’s local, national, for your clients, for yourself: you need PBNs to get ANYWHERE high up in the search engines.

For the last year, I’ve been quietly grinding the hell away & building my own PBNs. That last part of the statement makes it all sound so easy… like someone saying, “Hey, I was struggling with weight loss for so long and in the six months, I finally lost 60 lbs.”

If you are smart, you’ll know that the 60 lbs didn’t just fucking disappear *poof*… there I go, Ninja! You’ll know that behind that, it was sheer will, determination, 90% healthy foods, lots of crying and saying no to pizzas, and lots of exercising.

I ordered the Full Moon Ninja Package from Moon. Not only does this package come with a PBN setup but also she was tasked to find me a clean, niche relevant domain. In a few days, Moon’s team provided me with a solid domain and a sweet setup; something that’s been pretty sloppy with past PBN setup/providers, frankly. Really affordable and great service. Will definitely be using it in the future and highly recommended!


SEO Freelancer

Welcome To The Grown-Up World of SEO! *Adjusts Shuriken*

“But Moon, I don’t want to go through the mess of a PBN. I can go and rent links!” Yes and NO! Yes, you may go rent links and hell, if you ask me, I can personally give you recommendations… but here’s the deal:

I have spent hundreds of dollars on so-called “powerful” links. At the end of the day, YOU do not dictate the quality of the site where your links are placed. YOU do not dictate what other sites are being linked to… plus, you’ll be paying monthly rental fees.

Now, when you OWN your own PBN, this is when you become a real SEO ninja. You can set them up with quality content, an awesome theme, real pages, author profile… you name it. You can control the handful of links you should link out to, the domains you choose (how powerful they are), and so much more!

As soon as I started doing fresh content, on-page SEO, & a lethal combo of PBNs, I started ranking for more keyphrases

Before I pull a ninja vanishing move: the only success I’ve seen is when I began using my OWN PBNs. Over the last few months, I have shared screen shots of the rankings success I’ve experienced using my own PBN. And that’s what I am offering you here.

Most people BALK at the amount of work involved in finding worthy domains, buying good hosting, setting up the sites, and then, the hassle of making the PBN look like a legit site. Trust me, I gave up a few times. (Looking back, I can cackle at the joys of learning how to scrape for expired domains… sorta!) I totally get it!

But no! For some odd reason, I kept on learning the tools, testing and tweaking my PBN builds until more than a year later, I got quite a few things right. Like.. not just right but… like, ya girl gettin’ it SUPER FUCKING RIGHT. I am now fully equipped to dominate any local niche as well as the niches I’ve built my PBNs in.

…And, I trained a team behind me to do produce these babies like tadpoles.

Not to sound cocky, but if you’ve been looking for an A-Z solution and you want to CONTROL your rankings with your own LEGITIMATE sites (calling these sites PBN sites is a disservice, frankly!), then read the following packages I have to offer.

  • Need niche relevant domains? Check!
  • Need amazing PBN setup? Check AF!
  • Need hosting, maintenance, and fresh article updates? FULL MOON RISING, MOFOS!

Seriously, most SEOs give up before starting. Not only do you need your skin in the game ($$$), but also, you need to invest hours into learning scraping tools, or make pricey mistakes on auction domains. Set up hosting on cheap options and watch your site go down a few weeks or months later.

Well, not this time, Suckers! Check out following packages, with the sweetest PBN setups you’ll come across.

Let Me Explain:

I’ve been working on my own PBNs (from acquiring domains to set them up), behind the scenes, for a while now, and these things are straight juice. We’ve taken out all the guesswork and produce premium builds, predictably, every time:

Every time I’ve used PBNs that are showed love, I’ve seen a good jump in rankings. This is because these are NOT typical PBN sites! What we are offering are straight PBN setups (meaning you already own a domain). However, if you would like for us to find you a niche relevant domain as well, we can handle that as well.

A Warning:

If you want half-assed PBNs, then this definitely isn’t for you. But more and more, details MATTER. We hook you up with neat, regular looking sites and that’s a huge component of an effective PBN. What you’ll be receiving here, it is a disservice to call a “PBN” site. You can read more about my experience with setting up Ninja Kill PBNs here.

“I was over the moon with the vibrant professional PBN site created with very quick turnaround. The articles well written and overall site looks fantastic. I would not hesitate to use the value for money service again and would recommend to others in a heartbeat.”

Yvonne C.

Quality PBN Builds Made To Last Manual Inspections!

 Index and Satisfaction Guarantee

If you buy a domain through us, there is an index guarantee; if a domain is not indexed within 30 days, my team will simply replace it with another!

But There’s More…

If you select the Full Moon Ninja (comes with expired, niche relevant domain) or the Blood Moon Ninja (comes with niche relevant, auction domain) packages, you will have the option to choose our hosting, maintenance, and update options!

Consider This…

Compare all that work that I have put in place with a trained team that took me over a year to successfully do. Do you have time and money to do this all by yourself and allow for mistakes? If yes, be my guest. But consider this: I have multiple affiliate sites in multiple niches. The first few months of setting these sites up, I got a few things right, but I got a lot wrong… and boy, was it messy.

In fact, the stuff I got right, wasn’t enough to result in getting me enough traction… and traction is everything with SEO.

However, after days of panic, In-N-Out burgers, sobbing with #ninjaKitty, I started playing around with the rest of my PBN sites. What I did with them? The devil is DEFINITELY in the details… details that most people overlook or don’t bother with because let’s face it: most humans get tired and those tired humans often are dead ass sloppy.

If there is ONE thing I am, however, it is stubborn. At this point, it is my strongest trait and I am proud of it!

Donkeys have nothing over me; probably why I make for a good rusher as well.

Anyway, soon after those changes, I started seeing rankings increase of anywhere from 5-15 spots. Page 3 keyphrases becoming page 1-2 keyphrases and page 2 keyphrases becoming page 1 keyphrases. And, alas, page 1 bottom keyphrases FINALLY climbing to top spots.

BUT! This wasn’t enough. If these could work for my affiliate sites, could these work for local business sites? I targeted not 1 but 3 local businesses right here in San Diego who weren’t ranking in top 50 of keyphrases they frankly should have been. I took a total of 5-7 links and dripped them out over two weeks.

The results? One shot to #1 & #3 in Bing, in top 5 of Yahoo, and bottom of page 1 in Google. This occured within 2 weeks. This was done WITHOUT on-page SEO! Without these businesses being aware of my experiments. The other two shot to pages 1-2 without a second thought.

And now, guess what? I know that I can approach any local business here and shoot them to the top on MY PRICE and within 2-4 weeks. Of course, I can’t guarantee this for you, but it’s kind of like wanting to lose weight: eat right, exercise, and sooner of later, you WILL drop weight because GOd damnit, that’s just The Sciences! Do it right, and the results are coming.

Want to dominate a niche? Order here and get started with your own PBN with pure confidence:

If you want to get your hands on PBN sites that ARE legitimate sites, feel free to email me any questions. If you want to order 10 or more, please contact me first. TY!

PS. All puns were created by Moon Ninja personally and she snorted at each and every one of them. So did #ninjaKitty!