Prooooducts & Services (!)

Hey You, Good Lookin’!

So, there’s a myriad of products and services I offer. You will soon see a lot more here but I’m jotting some shiz right here, a rudimentary list here (what terrible wording!) to get things started. But first, a few testimonials… as what type of marketer would I be if I didn’t let other people toot my horn and then put it on display here?! HA! Direct any questions to moonninja a t moonhussain period ninja (take out all the spaces, replace at with the proper symbol and period with the dot 😉 )



1. PBN Link Placement

Started this service a few months ago. I offer 6 month link placements as well as yearly placements. I have general PBN sites as well as technology-oriented ones and growing monthly. Keep in mind that just because some of these are “general”, that doesn’t mean I accept just any links. Unh-unh, Bro. No more than 15-20 OBLs (and that’s towards the high end). For this, re-load this page and use that pop-up to sign up to my email list. My people on my list get the best pricing and first dibs on these babies! 🙂


2. Links On Web 2.0s With PA (Juiced Up Web 2.0s)

Yep, I sell links on expired and then re-registered Tumblrs, Overblogs, Weeblys, and Blogspots. I sell these in packages once a month, if that, as these are getting hard to grab. I do these manually and that can take time, so these are always limited. Once again, SIGN UP TO THE LIST FOR BEST PRICING AND TO BE NOTIFIED FIRST. Duh! These typically have a PA of 25+ (some packages were of PA 35-40). Now, this is another metric I can NOT control, so keep that in mind. However, quality-wise, you won’t find such links and value anywhere, hands-down, psh.

3. Creating A Free Guide To Starting Your Own SEO Business

Within six months, I have earned thousands of dollars offering SEO services to faithful clients while growing my brand… ON THE CHEAP. Learn it all here. I am talking about going from losing my job and not knowing how to foot the bill to paying them. It wasn’t easy and I am still figuring things out but hey, I am definitely on my way up: Ninja Report: How To Start Your Own SEO Business & Make Hundreds (If Not Thousands!) Of Dollars The First Month

4. Articles

So, this isn’t meant to cause anyone offense but I want to write articles that are worth my time and for good pay. When you invest a couple of hundred dollars in one of my articles, you are investing in the potential of going viral and also me pimping “your content” to my readers… because I know it is good. This isn’t about me being cocky; it’s more about me doing work that makes me happy and serves us both well. Curious? Hit me up! I don’t do these anymore so only ask if you can afford to pay well for a researched and nicely written article/post with some style 😉

Questions? Hit me up moonninja a t moonhussain period ninja 😉