“Oh Lord, know yourself, know your worth, ****
My actions been louder than my words, ****
****s wanna do it, we can do it on they turf, ****
Oh Lord, I’m the rookie and the vet

Since my dad used to tell me he was comin’ to the house to get me
He ain’t show up
Valuable lesson, man I had to grow up” – [Drake: 0 to a 100 Real Quick]

It turns out, just like anything else in life, SEO is nothing but a mind game. Drake wasn’t lying.

Let’s rewind for just a sec:

The last time I made a post was June 6th, 2017.  There were events happening in my life that were too overwhelming, too upsetting for me to process.  While I can take a look at myself fair & square & be reasonable, there was too much at play. Still, I could argue, is. In July/August, a local marketer sought me out for a big project he was working on… and I have been working for him for over a year now.

While I cannot freely indulge in details, let me focus in on what matters: for over a year now, I have been doing a lot of content publishing for my employer, and when time allowed (and allows), for my own site.  While I did these things, I listened to Lion Zeal (shout out to Darryl) interviews obsessively.

After all, if I want to be the best, learn from the best, right?

So, that’s what I did. I worked long hours. My family life (except for my sister… Hi Sis!) deteriorated. My best friend moved away. And while things seemed to be going downhill, my job, along with my work ethic and connections: overtime, they picked up.

Like, way up.

Today, I am the owner of some nice websites, I have experience with PBNs extensively, I pop up in FB groups and am more open and forward with interacting. While I can’t go to Chiang Mai to attend Matt Diggity’s conference (good luck, Matt!), I should be meeting up with him in November, soon after, when he visits his hometown.

Talk about being lucky with industry connections!

In the meantime, I hold long SEO PMs with Nicholas, troll Vadym in the forums, and played in a flag football tournament across the country with some of the best athletes in the city.

And now?

I have a team behind me. I couldn’t be more excited to unleash this amazing service into the marketplace. Oh, and from time to time, I pick up cute little affiliate checks 😛  (Keep reading until the end to see how I am on my way to blowing these the hell up!!!)

Before all of this happened, I lost a lot… or what seemed to be a lot. I lost my self-confidence, I lost complete faith in myself, I lost most of my family.

From where I am standing, I am in the process of rebuilding and gosh darnit, it is scary but oh-so-exciting.  At the end of the day, no one can take away everything that I have learned, the connections I’ve made, and the future I am building… and will be able to over and over and over again.

Get To The Point, Moon!

Okay then, you impatient Bitch, lol. So, did I mention the time I needed to lose 40 lbs and didn’t know where to begin?  It took me a year to drop it, getting things wrong at first, and then, at some point, right.

But the point being, I had to have some really DAMN STRONG FAITH that I would get there one way or another. And on the way, refuse all the pizza and burgers and Indian food that would pose as temptation.

And well, a stubborn commitment like no other. You could say, donkeys ain’t got shit on me when it comes to stubbornness, ha!

Probably why I make a decent rusher.

Back to the point: to make it in SEO, to get your websites to rank, you have to take out your emotion and conduct logical conclusions and deductions.  Of course, to this day, my heart dips if I see dips in rankings (super rare) but can you imagine giving up at that point?  Instead of testing out a few theories or undoing shady links or checking your anchor text diversity, just flatly giving up?

That’s the difference between Past Moon & Current Moon.

I don’t give up. Ever.

So, what happens when you don’t give up?  You could be doing this too. The first image, below, shows on some keyphrases I’m working on simultaneously (and furiously!), to get to the top before shopping season really gets here:

The following image shows my site in various positions. Let me get specific. Except for the first two, the remaining are all individual product pages with their own keyphrases aiming to rank high soon.

Using a couple different tools, I know to be cautious.  For instance, I am taking the lower range as the actual # for average searches per month. In fact, even lower.

I have my reason.  For instance, I know for me to make decent affiliate commmissions, I need to be in the top 3, if not the very #1 coveted position, for most of these keyprhases.  And there are quite a few long tails I’m starting to hit the top for, which I’m not going to post about here.

See the last three keyphrases? Those are new.  I recently published three articles, more like guides, ~5k words. But it’s not just the miracle of publishing a guide. It’s having worked on-page SEO, every day, for 365+ days and experimenting with my site, that a lot of my product reviews and guides end up ranking on pages 2-3 before I ever tweak on-page factors, and then lastly, throw a handful of links at them.

Thanks to long tails kicking in and some of the bigger ones, traffic has been coming in:

See? Nada in 2016! I did what most SEOs do. Over analyze. Not grow the site with more content. Listen to guru bullshit. Not do do do. In mid-2016, I started working on sites. I really gave it a great push in the last few months.  See the boom spikey spikes?

Yeah, I can’t wait to triple this. And It’s coming. Because I know what to do to get it now. You can’t unlearn this.

That’s what happens when you believe in yourself. I’ve been challenged a lot in the last few years, but mightily so in the last year itself.

All I know is, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Coming back full circle! I don’t know how many links it will take me to get these pages ranking #1 (I take educated guesses & execute! That’s all any honest, truthful SEO can do after assessing competitors)…. the only thing I do know a 100% is that my site will take those #1 positions.


To perform my best, whether I’m on the field or off the field, that’s the mentality I have these days. I numb out my emotions and focus on the things that will reward me in the long run.

Oh, and did I mention: this is just one site. I have a handful just waiting, with real age behind them.

Gosh, I just got excited all over again thinking about them. But life had a lot to teach me. Mostly, self-reliance, even when the people closest to you turn against you.

But more importantly, also remember the people who were there for you.

Anyways, welcome back. But remember, if you want to get ANYWHERE with SEO, you better grow the fuck up. Forget your white hat, grey hat, black hat. Forget the # of God damn links. Forget content is fucking king.

The real answer is: whatever the fuck it takes.  That’s it.

Gone all the time, even the important times
I should let you know ahead I’m comin’ back on my worst behavior