How To Hit Page 1 With Several Keyphrases In 5 Overall Steps… Wait, No, 4 ;)

Now, let me tell you the one thing I loath about being an online marketer: I have to create stupid ass titles like the one above to grab your attention because let’s face it: I’m competing with other marketers and SEOs to get your attention as well as cat memes (and yes, that was a colon within a colon and it may have broken your brain for a second. No apologies!)

But now that I have it… ๐Ÿ˜›

Let’s get started. No fluffy fluff here. The one main area I am not covering here is keyphrase and keyword research. That topic alone deserves a post and I specifically want to outline the basic phases of getting your website to the top 100 in Google, top 50, onto top 20… and finally, top 10! But then it doesn’t end there, does it? The very last step: top positions, baby ๐Ÿ˜‰

So who the fuck am I and why should you care?
Well, I’ve been doing SEO on and off since 2008… the good ol’ days when Glen of Viperchill put up his first money making guide and taught us how he was doing it. Yep, I earned a few affiliate checks before my sites tanked. I’ve helped local business rank as well and now my attention is back onto my major goal: ranking my Amazon affiliate site and selling the shit out of it and then using that money to bankroll other awesome things.

Okay, enough about me. I bet you have dreams like me. Share away. No seriously. Find my FB page or share away in the comments section. Namaste & shizzles.

But first, this made me snort & chuckle….. …. ah, c’mon:

Okay, so here we go.

Step 1: Your On-Site Optimization Needs To Be On Fleek

Sure, there are tons of things to be covered under the phrase “on-site optimization”. There are plenty of guides out there that I will link to in a minute (or not. I’m f’in tired!) However, one thing to keep in mind is that over optimizing your site and pages will hurt you as well. By no means am I recommending rudimentary keyphrase stuffing and bullshit.

My main focus for on-site optimization is that you create content around your keywords and keyphrases in an intelligent way. For sure, if you have a great budget, you can cut around this (meaning, you can invest more in backlinking, but why cut this corner?) However, I recommend at least 5-7 articles totaling 5000-6000 words.

Think about it. The more content you have, the more naturally rich it will be in your keywords you are targeting. Forget keyword stuffing: you will be using not only the keywords you are trying to target, but also synonyms and other topics that surround that topic. [Editor’s Note: Which Means I’m The Editor Too, Moon Again: I bolded that so it can burn into your eyes and then singe into your brain. Singe, singe, you beasts!)

For instance, when you land on this site, while the site is about me, the main focus is online marketing, SEO, and ranking websites. I have quite a few articles now that all use these keyprhases over and over and in a very natural way.

For your site, whether it’s a small niche site or an Amazon site, this shouldn’t be hard. Of course, use your keyphrases in an h1 tag once or twice to start off with. Don’t go freakin’ crazy though!

Make sure your content is on fleek, fool, then your h1 tags mention your keyphrases, that your page URLs contain a keyphrase (but not overkill!), use images properly (hey, fill out the descriptions!), and damnit, go ahead and take care of the damn meta tags. Fuck the debate over whether they are relevant or not! JUST DAMN WELL DO IT!!!

Okay, now that you’ve got your on-site SEO optimization on fleek… it’s time for:

Step 2: General Backlinking

So, SEOs will debate this bullshit day and night about how they can rank any site with their own PBN. Well, no shit, Sherlock, that’s the damn goal!

But, if you’ve just set up your site, you have just launched it, trying to rank your site for page 1 will be like… putting a carriage in front of the God damn horse!

If I’ve done my on-page search engine optimization correctly (and well, depending on keyphrases), I will land on anywhere from pages 3-10 (or much easier said, top 100). I like to sit on my site a good month and play with content before I do anything. My goal is longevity…

But that can be a personal choice. I want longevity with my online businesses so I tend to be cautious. Not quite white hat, but not black hat either. I coast the edge with my grey hat ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyways, so, by now, if you have made it to top 100, anywhere, for handful or more keyphrases, congratulations, dipshit! You got the most basic of skills in SEO right! (Okay, that’s quite harsh but I’m being playful here, my apologies… tee-hee!)

If you haven’t, don’t you worry. For both categories, what you need to do is start creating backlinks for your site.

Keep a couple of things in mind. The purpose of at least half of your backlinks should be pillowing, branding, naked URLs, and untargeted phrases like “click here” and “read more”. The rest can be an even mix of your primary, secondary, and inner page keyphrase variations.

What you want to do is not only create links for your main site URL, but also for the inner pages.

Think about it: which website out there, authority or not, only has links coming into the main page?!!!

It doesn’t make any sense!

It seems like the very basics of SEO are done oh-so-wrong!

So let’s say your main URL is, yes? (This is just an example, nothing has been researched). Perhaps you have a post you created, with the link being (hell if I f’in know!)

You can build links to the inner pages with a variation of what the page is about: pink bmx model 1010x review, bmx model 1010x review, pink 1010x review, pink bmx model 1010x, bmx model 1010x, bmx pink bike, best bmx model bike., and even naked URL.

Okay, see where I’m going with this? Variations are great. For the main URL, you should focus on naked URLs, the site brand name, variations of the products or topic. Mix it up, please!

Now, your next question might be: so what type of backlinks do we create here, Moon?

At this stage, use a good mixture of social bookmarking sites. Find a good provider on Fiverr. You can also throw some new web 2.0 type of links at it including Tumblr, Over-Blog, and Weebly links.

Uhhh, and don’t do this just once. You can choose to sprinkle a 100 a week or more. It’s hard to say how many backlinks to create starting off because it’s a trial and error thing. This has a dual purpose. These links won’t put you on page 1 but they should easily bring you to pages 1-5 in Google for several keyphrases. This will need to be done a few times. Keep in mind that not every link you create will get indexed either. Make use of trustworthy web 2.0s here… which I’ve shared before: The Poor Manโ€™s PBN: Super Charging Your Web 2.0s For Extreme Rankingsโ€ฆ Errโ€™ Time!

I know because this is what I have done with my last three websites ๐Ÿ˜‰

Once you start noticing these results, it’s time to move onto…

Step 3: Using Expired & Re-Registered Web 2.0s To Your Advantage!

Look, when you don’t have the best budget, there are other, cheaper methods to use that can help you greatly. In the last four months, I have not only used PBNs but also expired web 2.0s that you can re-register with some PA (page authority) behind them.

I have used Pinterest, Tumblr, Weebly, Over-Blog… and one more that escapes my tired brain. Tumblr I’m amazing at and Weebly and Over-Blog a close second. Oh yeah, Blogspot… what a damn pain in the ass!!!

With these web 2.0s, since they already have some juice behind them (the page authority they contain), it’s a matter of using enough of these accounts. For starters, start with a total of 10 Tumblr links, 5 Blogspots, 5 Over-Blogs, and 5 Weeblys. At first, there is a learning curve but you will learn the ins and outs of how each one of these web 2.0 platforms work. Try this 25 link package on a long tail keyphrase and see how effective it is.

I’m well aware these can take time and it’s way more fun to sling shit at your neighbor. Do it yourself or hire someone (I do release packages from time to time; if you’re interested, sign up to my list using the pop-up).

Hell, at the end of the day, you can also use these for branding… but I like to use these juiced up beasties for my targeted and intentional keyphrases.

While you use these for targeted keyphrases, make sure to keep building those Step 2 backlinks targeting your brand, naked URLs, and all kinds of keyphrases so you don’t get hit with any penalties because your ass got too eager and focused on building links for only 3 main keyphrases. Wow, that’s a long sentences and my English teacher would sob to death reading that run on sentence… :/

By now, you’ve got all types of backlinks pointing to your inner pages and your main site. Hell yes! By now, you should definitely have a few keyphrases on page 2 and 3.

Now, depending on your budget, we are going to take a couple of very decisive steps here…

Step 4: PBN Links & SAPE Links

This is the exciting part. If you have a low to medium competition keyphrase targeted page sitting on page 2, now, it’s a matter of pointing enough decent links at it to push it to page 1 and eventually top 3 position.

Let me put it out there now: I have not tested SAPE links but am getting ready to. I have read a couple of articles that suggest really damn good results for much cheaper than it would take to build out or rent PBN links. Debatable and depends on your ROI… do your research, Ladies and Gents of SEO! While my goal is longevity, perhaps you might not mind testing these out on your own site. Remember: this is all advice, I don’t guarantee anything.

Look: getting from page 2 to page 1 (and in top 3) is THE HARDEST PART OF THIS WHOLE THING! Your resolve will be tested every which way. If you’re lucky, maybe not.

You can do competitor analysis and get an idea. Maybe for your niche it’s 2 new PBN links a week. Maybe it will be a total of 20 PBN links or only 7. I do suggest building out your own PBN if you have the budget and time but I understand there is a learning curve (and I will be publishing a specific post on this next week!)

My keyphrases have jumped to page 1 around positions 8-10 so I am adding new PBN links. Just remember with PBN links:


At this point, while I keep building the links steadily, I’m waiting for the search engine Gods to deliver me exciting results.

In Conclusion, Sweet Buttholes From Hell…

Ah, there goes my mouth again. No, there is nothing earth shattering here but most SEOs fail at taking action or taking the right action. I know this because I’m the same way.

Build 3 links, then sit there with a thumb up my ass. “Oh nooooooooooooooooo nothing happened” and boo hoo and go fuck off somewhere.

SEO and the search algorithms are a sweet ass combination of smart and dumb. It’s quite the contradiction. At the end of the day, if you use a good combo of white and grey hat strategies, realize, it’s an algorithm ranking your website. It’s code and machinery. If you don’t give it enough credit, your dumbass will get punished. If you use common sense, you’ll do fine.

But it takes a while to get it “right”.

Hope this helps in anyway. Oh, and let me mention again: that pop-up you ignored earlier? Re-load the site and join my list because not only do I share some cool stuff there but my email list, as a sincere thank you, gets anywhere from 10%-50% off my services. No joke. My first email blast offered a 50% discount that was available nowhere else. And hint, hint. One more service on sale coming up within 24 hours ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, toodles y’all!