The Poor Man’s PBN: Super Charging Your Web 2.0s For Extreme Rankings… Err’ Time!

Due to the low barrier of entry, anyone can become an SEO or an internet marketer. Isn’t that what everyone is calling themselves on their LI profiles? 😉 But to become a great one? That requires you to think. Sure, having some money when you get started is a great advantage these days but if you don’t learn from your mistakes fast, you’re screwed, Chump!

For the last two years, everyone has been praising PBNs (that’s private blog networks, just in case you didn’t know). As long as you had a few medium to high PR (page rank) domains in your network, you’d see instant results. As a result, everyone and their brother had a “PBN” set up and would sell links on their network. The end result was sloppy PBNs set up everywhere and, of course, Google caught on, and now their algorithm can detect websites set up for ranking purposes…. or as I believe, sites that are setup extremely sloppily are the ones that get detected.

That doesn’t mean that PBNs don’t work–absolutely they do. But, they do need to be setup with care and this post isn’t about that. This post is about something that everyone can do.  Something that YOU can do TODAY, right now:

The Poor Man’s PBN: Super Web 2.0s

Since last summer, when my experimentation with web 2.0s began, I realized how powerful they could be. The best part? Web 2.0 accounts are free to register. And that’s the thing I find funny: most marketers will overlook them simply because they are free and keep focusing on PBNs exclusively.

But why should you believe me?  You don’t have to but you’ve got nothing to lose by trying either except for time or money (if you ask the provider to tailor the gig to this guide).  Keep in mind, some are long tails and couple short tails, but this has been achieved by social bookmarking plus my super web 2.0s:

web 2.0 rankings


If you’re not impressed, then leave.  I have just given you a strategy that you can use, for free.  I’m gearing up for another round of web 2.0s to push this site into top 5 and top 10 for both long tail and short tail keyphrases.

Just watch me, Punk!

just watch my web 2.0s


Thing is, just like PBNs, days of setting up a new web 2.0 and slapping content on it with a link or two right away? Yeah, buds, at best, it’s just not a good strategy. [Some SEOs will argue that’s not the case but I’m striving for longevity here…]

I’d like my efforts to pay off for the long run. I don’t have time to replace links when I can do things the right way, with a bit more time and effort, and have these powerful links hang on for years.

If you have nowhere to start, start with web 2.0s. These babies may not seem all that powerful compared to PBNs but well done web 2.0s have their place in your backlinking campaign!

Wanna see my list of top 20 web 2.0 websites that you should be utilizing for your websites? Well, let’s do a little bit of give and take 😉

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Step 1: Create Accounts For Each Web 2.0s

This is easy.  Go to each one of the web 2.0s and create an account.  This usually entails a name, location, and a lot more boring details.  Kill it, bruh.

Step 2: Verify Accounts & Fill Out Each Account Profile

As you go along, verify each account (you can create a new email address at, by the by!)  After verification, start filling out account details.  Crap like what you like to do, your favourite movies, and God knows what else.

Step 3: Post Your First “Welcome” Type Post

Don’t make things harder than they have to be.  Create your first welcome post.  How about a 100-300 word entry?  To save some work, do this for half the web 2.0s and for the other half, use memes or jokes.  But don’t share the same images between each web 2.0.  Keep everything as unique as possible.

Step 4: Update With More Content

So, look, this truly comes down to you.  Yes, it’s a fair amount of work.  But nothing like showing Google that these are legitimate web properties that are updated constant… and with relevant content.

Now you’re giving Google a boner.  Wheeeeee.


It’s debatable.  You can drop your links in the second post, third post, and so on.  I have done it within two posts AND after 10 posts.

I like to do things differently than other SEOs especially when the herd does super lazy work.

That’s how you stand the test of time… and usually, Google algorithm updates.

Step 5: Drop It Likes It’s HAWT (Your Link Silly)

Perhaps it’s been two weeks or two months.  You’ve made the posts and now you are ready to drop the link back to your money site.  Create a relevant post, with memes, appropriate images, a video: shoot, mix it up, Fools!

And then, put in your link.  Now keep in mind, keep your anchor link diverse.  I don’t have your magic numbers.  If you are about to make 20 links, make 10 into random texts, 7 your main texts, 3 your secondary.  Safe anchor linking, y’all 😉

Step 6: Keep Updating Your Web 2.0s

Look, if you have time, update your web 2.0s.  It looks like a thriving, active property to Google.

Step 7: Fire Social Bookmarks At Your Web 2.0s

Now, the final part and do this consistently.  Every week, randomly fire 100-200 social bookmarks at your web 2.0s and your website directly.  The anchor text?  Make it relevant to your keyphrases but don’t use the exact same keyphrases.  For instance, if your main keyphrase to rank for is “how to train a kitten”, then your anchor text could be “this site about kittens rocks” and “My cat learned potty training using this site.”

zomg seo sauce

That’s it!  Yes, it’s work.  It’s work that 95% of marketers who read this definitely won’t do it or argue with me on how to do it “better”.  Nope.  I believe in setting up the first layer of web 2.0s to be super charged and authentic properties.

Additionally, you can use automated tools to do some of this work but none of the tools can do the really good work… like original content that is human readable, long lasting, and setting up these web 2.0 properties properly!

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